Aaah! They’re Everywhere!

Questions from Evan, received in quick succession: Impossible Story. Any explanation? Its pretty messed up. Over My Head: A Former Wiccan Tells Her Story How do you explain this guy? How do you explain this messed up video? How do you explain this and all the other videos claiming people saw Steven Hawking in hell. … Continue reading “Aaah! They’re Everywhere!”

Get The Facts on Abortion, Just Not Here

Religiously motivated opponents of legal abortion have learned that to serve their cause in secular nations they must present arguments which are at least superficially secular, if not to convince those outside their faith then at least to provide a cover.

She’s a Beauty, Low Mileage and Only One Curse!

Question from Bubsy: Are we actually cursed? Hear me out: Last year, our car got hit 5 times while it was parked! I could see this happening once or even twice, but 5 times???? This year our car got dinged twice in parking lots, many many oil repairs, yesterday a person driving next to us … Continue reading “She’s a Beauty, Low Mileage and Only One Curse!”

The Exodus: I Now Call To The Stand…EVERYBODY!

Question from Avi: Could 3 million ppl be wrong? Judaism unlike other religions makes the claim that exodus was witnessed by the entire Jewish ppl. In the case of Jesus walking on water, there weren’t all that many witnesses and it is therefore hard to be certain of its validity. But exodus was witnessed by … Continue reading “The Exodus: I Now Call To The Stand…EVERYBODY!”

The Reach of Original Sin

Question from Tim: LX, I’m interested in your thoughts about something: I’ve been thinking about crime and punishment lately for separate reasons from religion, but a related religious connotation entered my mind recently that I think needs exploring, and I’d like your thoughts on it. As it relates to Christianity (and many other religions as … Continue reading “The Reach of Original Sin”

“Hell Paging Dr Rawlings, Code Blue”

Question from Uriadka: Does this prove hell and NDEs? This story seems really compelling, and prayer seemed to get a person out of hell, like many hellish reports: Rawlings told the story of his patient who collapsed during a stress test, and “before we could stop the machine, he dropped dead.” Well, apparently not … Continue reading ““Hell Paging Dr Rawlings, Code Blue””

A Christian Plants His Feet

Question from Vern: I’m a Christian. I think atheists have the wrong idea. I had a Near Death Experience involving Jesus. He told me the day my wife would have a baby boy, 3 years down the road. Sure enough it happened, he told me it would be a blond boy and sure enough it … Continue reading “A Christian Plants His Feet”

…Mother Mary Comes To Me, Speaking Words Of Wisdom: “You’re Pregnant!”

Question from Chuck: So my mom grew up in a Greek Catholic house, she isn’t too religious, but does believe there may be a higher power like a god or something of that nature. One thing that’s kind of strange to me is this. She has 2 children, myself and my brother. She also had … Continue reading “…Mother Mary Comes To Me, Speaking Words Of Wisdom: “You’re Pregnant!””

The Turin Tests

Question from Bubsy (submitted in 3 parts): William Guy gave an outstanding presentation, and while he gave many decent points for proof of the shroud, these six were the best (in my opinion) 1) Joseph Kohlberg, a geologist, actually studied some of the remnants of the shroud and found limestone. Later, it was found that … Continue reading “The Turin Tests”

They Poked at the Shroud Again

Question from Bubsy: I suggest you watch this video, which is a summary video that shows all the relevant articles from 2009 upwards instead of going to the articles one by one. It’s faster and easier. [2018 UPDATE! SHROUD OF TURIN REVEALS SECRETS | STRANGE END TIMES SIGNS ( Within it at the 3:25 minute … Continue reading “They Poked at the Shroud Again”