…Mother Mary Comes To Me, Speaking Words Of Wisdom: “You’re Pregnant!”

Question from Chuck:
So my mom grew up in a Greek Catholic house, she isn’t too religious, but does believe there may be a higher power like a god or something of that nature. One thing that’s kind of strange to me is this. She has 2 children, myself and my brother. She also had 2 miscarriages, where after about 6 weeks, the fetus died. She told me that it wasn’t particularly easy to conceive, and that there were times where it didn’t work. However, when she became pregnant with me (the day before she found out) she had a dream with mother Mary telling her she was going to be giving birth to a child. It happened to be true. Then, her next attempt to have a baby was a miscarriage, and while she was at one point pregnant, she did not have a religious dream. Then, she had my brother, and the day before she found out about being pregnant with him, she said Jesus came to her, lifted her up, and said she would be giving birth to another baby.

I know these could be written off as just dreams, coincidences, potentially anticipation lead the brain to expect pregnancy, but these dreams didn’t occur for the 2 miscarriages, does this potentially mean anything supernatural at work here?

Answer by SmartLX:
Well we know they were dreams, your mother said as much. Coincidences are certainly possible, but anticipation is almost certain; her mind would turn towards babies at specific times simply because she knew when she’d previously had sex in the right part of her cycle. It goes through the mind of most women, I’m sure: “If I conceived on that particular night, this is about when I’d find out.” Given the relationship between dreams and memory, she might have had the dream one or both times she eventually miscarried, or at any time in between, and simply not remembered it (or dismissed it simply because the timing was so off).

Memory changes over time, too, especially if you start telling the story of it (or even reliving it in your mind). The original dreams may not have been as specific, well-timed, relevant and accurate as they sound in your mother’s current version of the story, but any tiny exaggerations are liable to be integrated into the memory of the dream, and not regarded as exaggerations the next time.

All up, there are too many ways this can have occurred naturally and still seem like two perfectly aimed singing telegrams from Our Lady for anyone who doesn’t start off already believing to take much notice.

3 thoughts on “…Mother Mary Comes To Me, Speaking Words Of Wisdom: “You’re Pregnant!””

  1. Not MY lady. She was just an unmarred but pregnant from sex with a priest in the monastery where she worked, and then Joseph or whatever the name of the good man was, took pity on her and married her, and then HE impregnated her with the other son of hers, Jesus’ brother.

    Your mother, except for SmartLX’s explanation, may have felt on the bodily level that she was impregnated these two times. Because, the moment a sperm enters the ovum of a woman, there are thousands of reactions of the chromosomes and other stuff in it that take place. She may have had a bodily knowledge of these processes in her ovum having started taken place the second the sperm of your father entered her ovum. No big deal. Science knows nothing of this yet, but it does not mean it does not take place the second of impregnation. She felt it. But, if this Mary and Jesus in the later case, knew so much about her ovum having been impregnated, please tell me why they did not tell her of the sex of the baby to be born, because in that moment, of the impregnation, there is only the future sex being there in the presence of the Y or X chromosome in the sperm, not possible to be felt yet not only by the said Mary and her son Jesus, but not by the mother herself. And, my second question to you, why do the kind Mary and even kinder Jesus, not tell this nice news of impregnation to all just impregnated women, but chose only your mother. WHY. I will tell you why. Because they didn’t, not because they didn’t even live, which is quite possible, but because if they even lived, they were no god or of god. BULLSHIT.

  2. Chuck, LX already pointed out most of what I would have noted regarding how selective and changing the memory is. I would like to look at your question from another angle however.

    Many believers consider pregnancy to be a gift from the creator being they believe in. In fact they often believe that they are alive only because their god wanted them to be alive. Yet these same believers never ask themselves this question: Why would an all powerful god being even give a woman the gift of pregnancy, and/or want that life, only to terminate the pregnancy later? Usually this creator is considered all loving and all good and so forth. How can an all loving and all good creator start a life, teasing the parents into thinking they are going to have a baby, only to end that life before birth? Does that sound all loving and all good to you?

    And what made you so special that your mom’s god helped you be born? No offense here Chuck, but were your potential brother or sister not worthy of being saved?

    One of the key problems that most atheists have with believing in such beings is the dichotomy of it being a loving and good creature that makes people like your mother suffer through the heartache of miscarriages. If that’s love, I don’t want it.

    1. Tim, I love you for this answer, exactly, why was he and his mother so special, among billions of pregnant women and child unborn and born. And, one more thing, not exactly an answer to this particular question, in my opinion believing that it must be god if HUMANS cannot understand things, proves how narcissistic humans are. Who says that it is god, just because YOU cannot understand it. It is immodest to believe there is god just because you cannot explain how things have worked with the origin of energy and matter, and from then on all was piece of cake. No god needed.

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