They Poked at the Shroud Again

Question from Bubsy:
I suggest you watch this video, which is a summary video that shows all the relevant articles from 2009 upwards instead of going to the articles one by one. It’s faster and easier. [2018 UPDATE! SHROUD OF TURIN REVEALS SECRETS | STRANGE END TIMES SIGNS ( Within it at the 3:25 minute marker it has information on: The ultraviolet light necessary to do so “exceeds the maximum number release from all ultra-violet light sources available today” and It would require “pulses having durations shorter than one-forthy-billionth of a second, and intensities on the order of several billion watts” ***********

Back to my point: * The evidence they have found is that the image is no oil painting and it is caused by light in the UVB range at burst of several million micro seconds and energy release of everal billion kilowatts. * Science has literally confirmed it is a crucified man and that the image has been produced by no natural light but a light that is several billion kw of energy and bursts of light as short as a millionth of a second. * It was highly superficial but strong enough to cause an imprint. * Christian imagines what Jesus looks like and this comes indirectly from the Shroud image that was responsible for most of the early portraits of Jesus from 300 A.D. Therefore: Since our greatest minds can not conceive of how the image was made except by supernatural means, perhaps logic dictates the Shroud is physical evidence of a supernatural event – the resurrection of Jesus.

Answer by SmartLX:
This article by MSNBC puts this claim into perspective very well. The finding of the recent study is that if the image on the Shroud was created by UV light (as per one existing hypothesis) then it had to be the unearthly burst you describe, which is an extreme hypothetical circumstance which merely debunks the idea that it was faked with this specific method. The researchers separately argue against the idea that it was painted. It might instead have simply been an actual shroud for someone’s dead body, from anywhere and any point in a wide timespan.

My favourite part of the article is where lead researcher Paolo di Lazzaro had to email the journalist to say, “Sadly, we have seen many claims spread in the Web made by journalist/bloggers that discuss the content of a paper they never read.” I think the same applies to YouTube preachers.

16 thoughts on “They Poked at the Shroud Again”

    1. Question is, are there any other shrouds similar to this?
      Since Jesus did not lay in the tomb for more than 3 days, then it is unlikely that an imprint would have been made in any other way other than a supernatural light.
      But if there other shrouds that have similar markings than this shroud is not the one that Jesus, was buried with and that He later folded when He was raised from the dead by His Father.

        1. Why did you tell Gerald to cool off? There was no anger that I could tell of, in what he was asking..

  1. Would you mind kind of pointing out as to which article you are wanting me to pay attention to. When I open the link., there are several.

    1. They all say the same, that is that it is FAKE and they all suggest you get OVER it, because it’s not your beloved Jesus, not 2000 yrs old, nothing of it.

      So, what is it that you don’t understand, ‘fake’ or ‘get over it’?

      But, no, you, instead of understanding that this is fake and that you should cool it off, you are now looking for another sheet of linen where you will find your beloved Jesus’ pic on it, instead of understanding that as much as THIS is fake, so much is the whole of BIBLE fake and GOD with it.


      A L L O F I T F A K E !!!

      Lie. Deceit. Delusion.

      1. Oh, and I am not your enemy. Which is suggested by the constant animosity displayed in your posts.
        You must have a very hard time around those who refuse to accept things as you think they should be accepted. Or does everyone placate to your will?
        If they do I pity you and them. So you need to change. Or your life will just get harder and harder.

        1. i chose my company among atheists ecologists feminists profeminists antismokers liberals and other advanced people

        2. You don’t say!
          Now you got me worried.
          But I found the cure in that I don’t socialize with people who have stupid opinions on anything. Thus we all agree on everything.
          So, I suggest you do the same. Socialize only with the likes of you, not here. It’s bad for your health. Lowers your self-esteem.

  2. I know that it is fake. I don’t know how it was done, unless of course some kind of radiation was used to cause Christ to come back to life, but nothing from the Bible suggests that a light irradiated the individuals who Jesus brought back to life. Now this is not proof because maybe the failed to recognize that light in all of the excitement in having a person brought back to life. But other than this there is no way that we could know that light was some kind of by product of what brought Christ back to life. And if it is then the shroud is not fake. But I can not say. All I know that any other means of how this figure is imprinted on the shroud, would not be reason to believe that the shroud is that of Christ, since His body not have been in the grave to decompose and thereby give it time to effect the shroud. Christ was only in the grave for 3 days. Which is why I asked if there have any similar item been found from other tombs that we could compare this one to.
    And the one or two that I read do not say it is a fake. They said that they are not familiar with any known process which could have left said impression. And the validity is not for sure but neither does that make it invalid.
    “Wax on, wax off” grasshopper. Don’t just see what you want to see. See what is actually there.

    1. he did not die on the cross. the second time the romans did him for good. nobody can come back from death because the brain and the body are dead. DEAD. or, he never existed and the whole story is a grandest lie that had ever been told by sly humans for stupid ones.

  3. Christ did. He had died. He suffered one of the worse deaths anyone could have gone through. He was laid in the tomb. And on the third He rose again. This is what the Bible predicted and this is what the Bible testifies had happened. There were numerous witnesses who saw Him when He was laid in the tomb, and when He rose to walk among them again. And since we were not there and they were, then their eyewitness testimony trumps what ever doubt you have.
    Plus the Jewish hierarchy who hated Jesus and wanted to make sure that His “Christianity” did not continue, as much as said that Jesus rose from the dead when they paid the soldiers to lie and say that Christ’s disciples, came and stole the body of Jesus. They never produced the dead body of Jesus to curtail the talk about the risen Savior, else that would have made the front page news and would have been passed along down through history. And today, men and women all proclaim the power they have found upon accepting this risen Savior as their own. Men and women, boy and girls, have accepted Him as their God and Savior, and they are walking in the newness of life, because Jesus is not in the grave, but now lives in our hearts and soon we will be with Him forever, never more to part.
    I’m sure He is anxiously hoping that you too will take Him up on His offer to meet Him and allow Him to heal your broken and restless heart. He can, and will bring you the peace that you so desperately long for and can’t find. Won’t you please give Him that opportunity.
    He did exist. He walked upon this earth just as you are doing today. He and Christianity that He started are all documented in history. Both from the Bible and documents not Christian. So you can go to Him and He will never cast you away. Call upon Him today and He will do for you, what He has done for hundreds of thousands of others.

  4. The BIBLE is NO relevant nor reliable PROOF of anything to do with MATTER and RELIGION. It is heavily biased. It is emotional, not rational. It’s like the judge asking the accused of theft if s/he stole. Of course s/he will say s/he didn’t. S/he will LIE. Or, asking his/her mom if s/he stole. She will lie too, because she loves her child.

    Besides, the bible was written by illiterate ignoramuses knowing nothing of science of matter. Human body is of matter, and so was of Christ. He did not die, or if he did, he did not rise from the dead. What preposterous idea!

    The only relevant and reliable proof of anything is SCIENCE. It is not biased, nor irrational, as religion is, it is OBJECTIVE AND RATIONAL.

    The only thing science does not know yet is the origin of matter/energy. This is why I kinda accept agnosticism, thou I myself am an atheist.

    1. Oh and science when used in the way it should be used is fine. It is not the discipline of science that is faulty it is those who are not disciplined enough to utilize it. When the logic is faulty or when there is another goal other than the quest for truth, then they cause the results to not represent what is true.

      And we have already talked about the value that the Bible has been to this world, its communities, homes and lives. There have others with your thinking about the Bible and it is still the most widely read and purchased book around the world. So if so many others have found it to be of benefit I’m sure you will too, if you would but read and study it to find the truths that it holds for you also.

  5. Niki you still have not given me a reason as to why you think my opinions are stupid. You can’t possible think that belief in God to be stupid because some of the greatest minds in our world, and many minds on the side believe in God or a god. So you must be talking about my reasons for not accepting evolution as a possible assumption as to how life has gotten to be as it is.
    Now I told you why I don’t think evolution in any way gives this to be possible. One is that all types of organisms only reproduce themselves. And two, a cell when it grows a new cell, that new cell can only receive its operating instructions from that which has life. Like say another cell or from the being that designed the cell and deposited life inside it. Now. Please point out how my logic is flawed. And put a stopper in the animosity. It’s better if the mind is not divided between more than one goal. So it saves on brain power.

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