Served by Steve Harvey

Question from Uriadka:
According to Steve Harvey, atheists are idiots. He claims God changed his life. Any rebuttals???

(Kind of a sarcastic post but I want to see what you guys think of such a bold statement from some Family Feud host.)

Answer by SmartLX:
He does indeed say that, near the end of this compilation. The main reason he gives is simply the argument from design applied to everything on Earth at once. He then focuses on evolution and rattles off (or should I say parrots?) the classic and utterly ignorant question about monkeys. The rest of Harvey’s opinion of atheists is based on his ignorance of our sources of morality, and the implication that we don’t have any.

Steve Harvey is no authority on philosophy of religion, and even if he were it wouldn’t be advisable to merely accept his authority on the subject, so we have to judge his reasons. His attempts to justify his position are all familiar, and not at all convincing, to those who do not already believe. That his position AND his reasons are insulting are not logical reasons to dismiss them, but it sure doesn’t help his case.

3 thoughts on “Served by Steve Harvey”

  1. I want to tell this Steve Harvey, whoever the hell he is, that HE IS AN IDIOT.

    Not the atheists.


  2. As for the SOURCE of atheists’ and anybody else’s MORALITY, it is, or was, when it first appeared, and still is, the main source of it, even in cultured human societies, the NEED TO BE GIVEN THINGS AND SERVICES BY OTHERS, THAT MAKES US GIVE FIRST TO OTHERS, SO THAT WE WOULD BE GIVEN THEM, TOO.

    So lowly and prosaic, but it works better than any other reason would. Nothing divine about it, let alone that there is no divinity.

    Except of MOZART, of course.

  3. I liked family feud … watched a few episodes of celeb family feud as well.
    Overall, Steve Harvey comes across as a nice guy … but everyone (nice guys or not so nice ones) can have misinformed opinions. Its quite in vogue nowadays, actually (nursing misinformed opinions), though I think Harvey is credited with saying this almost a decade ago.

    I think the main mistake in his argument is very simply, this:
    Believing in god may certainly have changed his life … but god sure didn’t do a thing 🙂

    He/she/ it (god) was too busy not existing to care too much about existence …

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