From Morality to Politics in 17 Words

Question from Ted: Why do atheists have now morals and why do they vote for a crooks like Hillery Clintons ? Answer by SmartLX: I normally apply some proofreading to questions, but the density of mistakes in such a short question was so remarkable that I’ve preserved it as-is. Atheists have morals, they just don’t … Continue reading “From Morality to Politics in 17 Words”

Knowledge, truth, and morality.

Today we have a question from Ryan who asks… Name: Ryan Message: There are many problems i have with atheism but one question I have is if your going too claim their is no God that is the same as claiming there is no such being that is all knowing. Dont you have too be … Continue reading “Knowledge, truth, and morality.”

God, morality, religion, and evolution?

Todays question comes from Rachel who says… Name: Rachel Message: Hi there, I wanna start off by saying that I don’t call myself a Christian because let’s face it, people who claim to be Christians have given Christians a bad name. So, I call myself a believer in God. I just have a couple questions … Continue reading “God, morality, religion, and evolution?”

Morality Recap

Question from Sam: Where do humans get their moral standards and conscience from? Answer by SmartLX: The short answer is, from each other, from their own instincts and from a long line of social ancestors. My earlier piece on right and wrong answers your question in much greater detail. There’s also a short piece on … Continue reading “Morality Recap”

Approaches to Morality

Question from V: Well, obviously you reject God. As such i must assume you reject god-given moralities, and moral rules. As such i would like to ask what are the moral rules you accept and your rational justification for them. Thank you. Answer by SmartLX: I would say that I reject the idea that a … Continue reading “Approaches to Morality”

The Foundations of Morality

Question from Matthew: Hi there! In the “About” section of this site, one of the first things that’s mentioned is morality (and, later: “right from wrong”). Clearly, an atheist wouldn’t believe that morality is granted to us from on high. But, on the other hand, I think it’s safe to say that moral traditions as … Continue reading “The Foundations of Morality”

The Great Big Arguments #7: Morality

“Only humans are aware of having a stake in the moral and ethical parameters within which we live our lives. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to shape them over thousands of years, using various forms of authority from self-contained logic to force to claims of divine backing to support one adjustment over another.”

The Historical Muhammad

Question from Jannatul: surely u can deny God(ALLAH) but how will u deny the very existence of His prophet muhammad who lived in this earth and His revelations, all the predictions are coming true, what do u think about them…….Have u studied the Quran and pondered over Islam, if not I advice u to do … Continue reading “The Historical Muhammad”

Served by Steve Harvey

Question from Uriadka: According to Steve Harvey, atheists are idiots. He claims God changed his life. Any rebuttals??? (Kind of a sarcastic post but I want to see what you guys think of such a bold statement from some Family Feud host.) Answer by SmartLX: He does indeed say that, near the end of this … Continue reading “Served by Steve Harvey”