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Question from Kamil:
I would like to ask you your opinion on Ouija boards.

Originally, I would have thought they were just peoples’ imaginations, but recently, I made one with my family and we played for fun. We were asking questions and getting answers. Apparently we were talking to some guy who lived during the 1500s in Qatar named Carvel. It was all fun and we got a good laugh. However, then something interesting (kind of spooky) took place. My parents asked for fun if I would ever get married (I am very young). The answer was yes. Then we asked, what country will she be from, and the answer was Sweden. Finally, we asked the name, and got “Hilvy”. A few months passed, and I didn’t think anything of it. However, I was bored one day and googled “Hilvy”. To my surprise, it came up as a Swedish name! I asked my parents and they said they had never heard of that name before. Now I am shocked that this was able to come up with an ethnically Swedish name when we didn’t know it. I don’t know what to think of that. My parents joke if I ever really do meet a Hilvy maybe it will mean something.

I have also heard a catalog of anecdotes where people claim they were playing as kids and objects around the house went flying, garbage cans, clocks, etc. Some people say they have seen strange things, and even some murder mysteries have apparently been solved with Ouija boards. My question is, do you think these anecdotes as well as my anecdote prove that spirits are around us communicating or no? I doubt all these people lie about having strange experiences after using these boards. Do you think this proves a life after death?

Answer by SmartLX:
No, the anecdotes don’t prove anything. They’re anecdotes, without a shred of evidence or corroboration, which is significant for an activity that is necessarily done in a group. Fortunately there’s an easy way to make ouija boards look silly, which I’ll get to.

When even one person with a finger on the pointer has an idea where to go while everyone else is aimless, everyone else will go with the strongest force without knowing where it came from. If one person at your session happened to know that Hilvy is a Swedish name (and it does seem to be a common one) they could have spelled it out, and even spelled “Sweden” to set it up.

If you really want to test the power of a Ouija board then get the same group back together, blindfold every participant, and have an observer capture video of the board. People might still have an idea of where “yes” and “no” are, so ask questions that require answers to be spelled out. You’ll probably find that the pointer doesn’t just spell garbage but frequently lands in the spaces between characters, giving no valid answer at all. It’s already happened on camera.

I’m not suggesting that every legible answer or even letter has been forced on the pointer by cheating participants. Ideomotor effects can drive people’s muscles to make countless tiny adjustments without them realising if they know what they expect to happen, say if the pointer looks like it’s going to narrowly miss a letter, or if half of an obvious word has been spelled out. The more people “at the wheel”, the more difficult the specific moves are to attribute.

Even if ouija boards did work with all “drivers” blindfolded, attributing the information to real ghosts would be the next near-impossible task. You’d need to treat the board the way a skeptic would treat any self-proclaimed psychic, asking specific questions about the future that can be unambiguously proved wrong, and similar questions about the past and present that not only no one in the room could know, but only a specific deceased person would know.

Incidentally, how would “Carvel” even know who you’ll marry? In whose model of the afterlife do ghosts exist and know the future, on top of their own past?

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  1. You were not talking with some person or human who had frequented this earth in some life time. The Bible says that when we die we go to sleep. We are not eternal beings. At least not until Christ returns and makes those who have trusted in Him eternal beings. But until that time we sleep in the grave.

    The practicing of speaking with those who have died is one that satan uses to cause people to disbelieve in God’s Word. To cause people to trust in what the dead have learned on the “other side” and would share with us. And many times the gain confidence by sharing what is true only to get them to believe a lie later. This opens the door to demonic possession. Especially to those who minds are week and feeble, with out discipline. (so those who believe in the silliness of evolution, need to be careful).

    1. shame on you for talking nonsense and supporting it with another nonsense, the bubble

        1. it’s selfexplanatory for any and every atheist. i have nothing to explain to someone who would rather believe in the bible but in science. the iq and education level of the religious is lower than these of atheist, it’s a common knowledge, so please don’t try to discuss dog with me. you are below my educational and intellectual level so i will not talk with you.

        2. but you have good manners, something i would not say about me. or, rather, i have them with those that deserve my good manners.

  2. apparently so thou one is stupid as etc. i know i don’t make sense but neither do you, nor gerald. kemal and gerald, old religious nuts here again

  3. You are mistaken. Creationists, who are Christians, not only believe in the Bible, but they also believe in science. God is the One who made the laws of Physics. He is the One who gave us the ability to understand at least what we can handle for now. But the assumption of evolution is not based upon science. It is based upon unfounded speculation. But of course if you were able to reason rationally, you would have told yourself that Christians believe in science because many Christians are scientists or teachers who use science to teach. So you have a long way to go to get back to reason.

  4. Try the Ouija bold with blindfolds (as SmartLX suggests).
    And also, just for fun, randomize the alphabet on the board (instead of using the usual board) … just like they do when you use a virtual keyboard in banking transactions.

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