Angel On My Truck

Question from Kamil:

Some people (the people who took this image) are convinced it is a real angel, while others say it was likely just a moth on the lens of the camera. Logically, I guess we cannot conclude it is an angel, as we don’t know what it is, what the cause of the image is, etc. There are a million things it could be, and just because we don’t have an explanation doesn’t give us the right to say it is one. I am not sure if these people saw this light in real life as they took the picture, or if it just ended up in the picture later, but the moth theory would make more logical sense or something around those lines. CNN got a Priest on the news who apparently died in a car accident, came back, talked about a visit to heaven, etc and he says he believes it is an angel, but from a non biased source, the answer would likely be very different.

Answer by SmartLX:
If you can’t conclude that it’s an angel, I hope you don’t think that I can. We don’t have a definite explanation but there’s at least one potential explanation in the article (a moth) and while we can’t say for certain that was it, it makes no sense to leap to a supernatural explanation that’s never been established.

The article is explicit that no one saw the phenomenon in person; the two photos were taken automatically by a motion sensor security camera. This creates a new situation where there’s a claim of an angel sighting with no real witnesses at all. It doesn’t help its case, even compared to other claims like this.

It’s really a shame there wasn’t video as well. Then again, if there was video and it made it clear that there was a moth fluttering in front of the camera, its owners wouldn’t have sent that to the news networks.

2 thoughts on “Angel On My Truck”

  1. Well, I will solve your problem, it can’t be an ‘angel’, for start because there are no ‘angels’, and that because there is no ‘god’, simple as that.
    I replied to you before I even looked at then site master’s reply, because I am much more straight forward with the religious than he is, maybe because I have never been religious, while he used to be, so, I don’t know how it feels to be religious, but, on the other hand, neither do you, the religious people, know what it feels like to know there is no god, nor do you care abut our feelings, so, why should I care about yours.

  2. Not an angel … one of the Avengers … the guy with the wings (I can’t recall his name).

    Sorry :). I just can’t seem to take such stuff seriously anymore.
    And what’s the thing doing on the top standing like that anyway … its a moving violation for sure.

    I won’t trouble my brain with whether it is an angel or a moth.
    What’s more troubling is that stuff like that makes it to the news nowadays and there’s debate over it.

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