From Morality to Politics in 17 Words

Question from Ted:
Why do atheists have now morals and why do they vote for a crooks like Hillery Clintons ?

Answer by SmartLX:
I normally apply some proofreading to questions, but the density of mistakes in such a short question was so remarkable that I’ve preserved it as-is.

Atheists have morals, they just don’t get them from the Bible. Actually, some of them do, because many moral statements in the Bible are perfectly sensible even if the God taking credit for them isn’t real. Besides that there are all kinds of philosophical bases for a system of ethics, and people not tied to a particular scripture are free to use any or all of them.

According to the Pew Research Center the religiously unaffiliated (which includes but is not limited to atheists) voted for Clinton over Trump 68 to 28. That said, the Hispanic Catholic vote was within one percentage point of that, Jews voted even more strongly for Clinton and the other faiths combined went very much the same way. Trump appears to have appealed to white Christians and almost no one else. It’s hard to convince people who don’t believe in the Christian God that Trump is His chosen candidate, and even if you do believe but you’re in a minority it’s hard to accept that God would choose such a flagrant enabler of bigotry.

3 thoughts on “From Morality to Politics in 17 Words”

  1. ‘Why do atheists have no morals and why do they vote for crooks as is Hillary Clinton’.

    I will tell you why.

    Because this is not true. You have been brainwashed by the religion into believing this nonsense. Morals have nothing to do with religion, on the contrary, I dare say.

    Think again before you say something so stupid.

    As for Hillary being a crook, I am not so sure, but being a democrat myself, I can tell you that I wanted her because she is a woman, but then I got scared from her and Putin’s animosity, and thought again, so I am now a social democrat, like Bernie Sanders.

    Can you without shame say that Bernie is a crook. If yes, I pity you.

    Human morals are the same, good and bad, in all nations and groups. Only individuals differ.
    For your information it has been found by scientists that deal with human morals and ethics, that these have origin in the need of animals we were once that I scratch you, you scratch me, something chimpanzees do. This is the humble origin of human morality and ethics. And, again for your information, scientists have found that there is really no free lunch, no altruism, but, when it appears there is a case of it, there is always something that the altruist gains from the deal, in the long run. Mother Theresa and Princess Diana are no exceptions. No one is. This human trait serves to promote survival of the self and the self’s children. The only exception of this is motherly love. But, as time go by, when the children of the mother that had sacrificed herself for the better of her children grow up, then the mother remembers that now is the time for the balance between herself and her children to be put in order. She requires of her children to pay her back what she had done for them, which is only fair. But few children do it, because she was their mother, while they are only her children, so they will not repay their mother but will sacrifice for their own children. And even that, motherly love and sacrifice is no altruism because she had decided to have children not for them, they did not even exist then, but for her own precious little self. So, she should feed them and help them and sacrifice to her end for them. I am one of such mothers, most mothers, but I don’t call my actions for my son altruism. For, it is not. There is no altruism in human brain, not in atheists, nor in the religious folks like you are….

    No, no, no!!!

  2. Let’s not forget those people who voted for neither Trump or Clinton. As an atheist who also happens to lean conservative, I found both candidates to be repugnant. There were quite a few of my fellow countrymen that opted to either not vote or go with a third party (I voted Libertarian for the record).

    As it relates to morals, trying to compare how someone votes to their morals is rather dubious. People vote for all sorts of reasons, and those reasons often conflict with their sense of right and wrong.

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