Religion vs. Philosophy: Asatru worship ?

Ryan asks: Hello, I am a 15 year old and I am a strong believer in a faith called Asatru. Asatru is the pre-christian religion of the Germans and Norse, so yes, Thor, Odin, Njord, Freyr, Freya. I believe their names and anthropomorphism is only used in place to understand the forces they control, like … Continue reading “Religion vs. Philosophy: Asatru worship ?”

Ghosts On TV

Question from Chris: What would you say about ghosts and paranormal activity? It is hard to deny the existence of ghosts or haunted places. There are many videos like this – – that show ghosts on tape and such. How can you as an atheist explain this? There are many documented cases of ghosts. … Continue reading “Ghosts On TV”

Comfort After Newtown

Question from Rhoda: At the prayer vigil, after the massacre occurred, how would the families be comforted without referring to god and relying on religion for solace? Answer by SmartLX: Firstly, even if it were completely impossible to console people after a tragedy without using faith and religion, it wouldn’t mean there was any kind … Continue reading “Comfort After Newtown”

Religious Conspiracies and Tours of Hell

Question from Jack: Hey I’m Jack from Australia and for the past couple of years I’ve been hearing about the illuminati, people say that they are a devil worshiping secret society who plan to make a one world government, the type of one world govenrment that the book of revelation talks about, now my position … Continue reading “Religious Conspiracies and Tours of Hell”

Death And What Probably Doesn’t Come Next

Question from Sarah: We all have to go somewhere or will happen to us when we die. If you do not think or believe in God or heaven where do you think you will go or what will happen to you when you die? Question from Jessie: What are you living for if nothing happens … Continue reading “Death And What Probably Doesn’t Come Next”

Living Without God

Question from Sophia: I don’t know how many atheists have been Christians before, but I have questions as a Christian. The idea that a God is there for forgiveness, mercy, and justice is very comforting to me. There are certain things humans are unable to do. For instance, law enforcement may fail, but our free … Continue reading “Living Without God”

The God Contingency

Question from Dane: I’m just wondering, what if after all these years of not believing in God (Yaweh) then when you die you find out that there really is a God? What will you do? Answer by SmartLX: If that happens, what I do will depend entirely on which god it is. If it’s one … Continue reading “The God Contingency”

The Journey of a Soul

Question from Heather: I really appreciate this website, it is quite useful. Early thank you for answering my question. Most theists often worry about where our ‘soul’ goes when we die. I am more interested about where our ‘soul’ was before we were born. I often ask my theist friends this and most of them … Continue reading “The Journey of a Soul”

That Little Flame That Lights A Fire Under Your Ass

Question from Steve: I would consider myself an agnostic theist with no ties to any organized religion. However Atheism confuses me for its inability to acknowledge the flaws of a lack of purpose. If everything and anything you or any being ever does is without purpose, even the potential for the existence of life is … Continue reading “That Little Flame That Lights A Fire Under Your Ass”

Approaches to Morality

Question from V: Well, obviously you reject God. As such i must assume you reject god-given moralities, and moral rules. As such i would like to ask what are the moral rules you accept and your rational justification for them. Thank you. Answer by SmartLX: I would say that I reject the idea that a … Continue reading “Approaches to Morality”