That Little Flame That Lights A Fire Under Your Ass

Question from Steve:
I would consider myself an agnostic theist with no ties to any organized religion. However Atheism confuses me for its inability to acknowledge the flaws of a lack of purpose. If everything and anything you or any being ever does is without purpose, even the potential for the existence of life is illogical. Unless you are willing to admit that we do not “exist” at all, which obviously we do ( and there is alot of testable evidence that we do) then you cannot deny that purpose is a requirement of existence.

If everything ends in utter and complete annihilation then why even attempt to live life or reproduce? Or see a movie or debate with me about non existence. In the end it doesn’t matter and you never existed in the first place…. ergo atheism is incorrect because you never existed in order to prove its’ existence.

BTW I am certainly NOT a christian. I really really hate when atheists automatically assume some who objects is a damn bible thumper, whom quite frankly annoy me more than atheists.

Answer by Andrea:

Thank you for your question. I think a mistake many agnostics and non-atheists make is to assume we atheists have a lack of purpose.

But for me, that’s anything but the case. Who is to say that one needs to have an existence eternally, such as a heaven or hell, which many religions promise? Why should the lack of an afterlife make this life purposeless?

I think when you know there’s nothing but this life, then you begin to treasure each moment. I also like to do something to improve the world every day. Makes me feel like I’m doing my part. It beats worrying if you’re going to be roasting for eternity.

If you live in the US, the National Atheist Party works to push through progressive goals to help the poor, the environment, children’s education and women’s rights, if you’re interested in finding purpose, this organization might be something for you.

Thank you for your thoughtful question.

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