An Early Ticket To The Afterlife

Question from Douglas: Do people who commit suicide go to heaven? Just watched the movie “The Discovery” on Netflix. Answer by SmartLX: Obviously The Discovery is a science fiction story, not a documentary, but like all good sci-fi it’s intended to provoke people to think about the real world and where we’re headed. Besides, (MILD … Continue reading “An Early Ticket To The Afterlife”

A Relatively Simple Afterlife Question

Question from Jason: Besides our energy living on for all eternity (watch 10 Myths About Death at 1:50) is any other afterlife possible? Is any, all (especially regarding Hell) of telling the truth? I am Fira777 on YouTube. Answer by SmartLX: I’ve written a great deal on the afterlife, because of course many are … Continue reading “A Relatively Simple Afterlife Question”

Clinging to Afterlife

Question from Lee: I just want to ask what do you guys think about the afterlife (after you die), because that’s the only thing that’s keeping me believing in God but I don’t pray to God because why would I pray to someone who is powerful enough to create a world of peace but instead … Continue reading “Clinging to Afterlife”

No Afterlife, No Purpose?

Question from Josh: Do you have a purpose in your life without there being a possible god? If so what is it and what good is it without an afterlife? Answer by SmartLX: Andrea wrote about purpose in a previous answer, but I don’t think I’ve had my chance yet. First, I’ve never said there … Continue reading “No Afterlife, No Purpose?”

Mary K. Baxter Gets the Grand Tour

Question from E: What do you think about Mary K. Baxter who apparently saw heaven and hell in dreams for night after night straight for a long time. First hell then heaven I think. How is this possible? Answer by SmartLX: In a few really easy to imagine ways. One is a recurring dream, one … Continue reading “Mary K. Baxter Gets the Grand Tour”

Steve Taylor on NDEs as Trips

Question from Uriad: LX, I want to know if this sways your beliefs on afterlife. Answer by SmartLX: Why would it sway my beliefs? What we have here is Steve Taylor the psychologist and NDE advocate rejecting the conclusions drawn by a group of psychedelic researchers (from their study, not the psychologist’s, and he … Continue reading “Steve Taylor on NDEs as Trips”

NDEs and Anaesthesia Awareness

Question from Uriadka: “Dr. Jeffrey Long: The key thing is to know a few of the consistently seen elements of near-death experience that are the strongest evidence for their reality. For example, when you’re under general anesthesia, it should be impossible to have a lucidic organized remembrance at that time. In fact, under anesthesia, you’re … Continue reading “NDEs and Anaesthesia Awareness”

NDEs: The View From The Other Side

Question from Ruslana: Hello! I just browsed some of the recent questions/answers, and I wanted to kind of post a rebuttal to the individuals who claim that folks like Tsakiris, Long, and others are potentially proving NDEs. I would also like to know if you, SmartLX, agree with me, or not. I myself am not … Continue reading “NDEs: The View From The Other Side”

The Ghost’s Leg Still Hurts?

Question from Remy: Lately one of my friend’s friends died of cancer and left three kids behind. I had a dream where I was watching a performance of my daughter in school and next to me was standing this lady. It was weird for me to see her there, because we weren’t close friends and … Continue reading “The Ghost’s Leg Still Hurts?”

Ouija Ouija Woo Woo 2

Question from Kamil: I would like to ask you your opinion on Ouija boards. Originally, I would have thought they were just peoples’ imaginations, but recently, I made one with my family and we played for fun. We were asking questions and getting answers. Apparently we were talking to some guy who lived during the … Continue reading “Ouija Ouija Woo Woo 2”