Dunkin’ Babies

Question from Andrei:
A colleague of mine recently attended the baptism of a baby and she told me she noticed that before the immersion in holy water the baby was very agitated and was crying a lot, but after the immersion the baby became very quiet and calm. She attributed this behavior to the supernatural (she was probably thinking about the Holy Spirit). Please tell me: Why do you think the baby changed his/her behavior during the baptism?
Thank you.

Answer by SmartLX:
What temperature was the water? If it was a smart priest the water was very warm, as close as possible to 37° Celsius (~98° Farenheit) which is the recommended temperature for bathing very young babies. It reminds them of the womb and calms them right down. In fact, if it’s the kind of church that baptises babies by literally immersing them, it could be dangerous for the babies if the water is any cooler than that, in case they get hypothermia.

Even not knowing all this, a church that baptises enough babies will have learned through decades or even centuries of trial and error that there’s a lot less screaming over the rites if the water is pleasant for the poor kids.

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  1. My church would never think about baptizing a child until they are able to describe why they would like to be baptized. Baptism is an acknowledgement that one is aware of their need for the cleansing and forgiveness of their sins. And that they would like to demonstrate that they would from then on out walk with Jesus. This is not something that a parent can decide for their offspring. And should not be used as an escape route from the destruction coming at the end of times. It must be desired by the individual because they have met their Savior and realized that He has given them a new life and they want to show their appreciation for this by living this new life for Him.

    So infant baptism, in the form of sprinkling or an actual dunking means nothing. But as pointed out by SmartLx, there is a danger involved that should not be risked through such an unnecessary and meaningless act.

    1. In other words, according to Gerald, some Christians are not doing Christianity right. They are not saved properly, and aren’t in the good graces of the god creature. Amazing how many different groups of people who read the same book (the Bible) are all so sure the way they practice their dogma is right and the rest of the groups are so wrong. I’m always amazed how they all happened to be borne to the right parents in the right sect of Christianity…

      1. Why is it so strange Tim that within groups there are groups that do not agree. This happens in every kind of group. Politicians, lawyers, police force. There are those who read into, what ever there is to read from and they will not think as others. This is the humanity in each of us.
        Fortunately Christians have God’s Word that we can study to glean the truth from.

  2. Niki. I’m truly flabbergasted. Your clear hostility, is disconcerting. I don’t understand how you could be so unkind, and disrespectful. And all over something that you seem not to believe in. Go figure.
    But it is obvious that you are not able to think with rationally and you appear to allow your feelings prevent you from accepting truth. You need to change my friend. Because you are wrong about God and about evolution.

  3. Brain Damage (god forbid)?

    Could be a feeling of returning to the “known” environment of the uterus (sort of) that placated the baby.

    Also … consider Flight, Fight, Freeze (the usual reactions to traumatic situations).
    I think the baby would’ve given up on flight and fright. Thus freeze (?)

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