Help me pin this one down, please.

Question from Halil:
Found a new OBE [out of body experience] which sounds very compelling. Apparently this man was able to identify targets during his OBE: … esearcher/

Does this prove the soul? It seems quite scientific, although it has never been published in a scientific journal. That aside, what do you think of it?

Answer by SmartLX:
Normally I’m able to trace this sort of thing myself, but the break in the middle of the URL in your question (as I received it) makes it hard to tell which OBE story on AwareofAware you’re referring to. Feel free to post the full link in a comment, either Halil or anyone else who can work it out.

In the meantime there’s a basic statement I can make about NDE and OBE claims in general. They’re proof of something supernatural if all alternatives can be eliminated, both to the source of whatever information was received and to the story of what physically happened. That’s not just a contest between supernatural action and sheer luck, as we’ve seen in previous cases when other explanations and inconvenient details emerge, but even sheer luck cannot be discounted, especially if you’re literally looking for proof as opposed to merely internal justification for your own belief.

One thought on “Help me pin this one down, please.”

  1. Halil, you seem pretty determined to find some kind of NDE or OBE story that will prove that these things are real, and that a soul exists in people. Given how many different questions you’ve posted to the website about the topic, it appears to me that you really want to believe you have a soul and that such stories are true.

    If that is the case, then go ahead and believe it. Just know that you are doing so despite a total and complete lack of empirical evidence that such things exist.

    It has been mentioned to you in your previous questions, but let’s just put it out on the table for you – There is exactly zero data that supports the claim that souls exist, or that people actually see supernatural realms or that the’r minds leave their bodies as they are dying. You even mention “it has never been published in a scientific journal”, and for good reason. There is no evidence for it.

    If any evidence existed for these things, you’d find it in a journal. We’d be able to read about it in scientific publications, and we could all examine the data ourselves. Until that happens, OBEs and NDEs are merely the stuff of legend and myth, and asking about them over and over isn’t going to make them any more true or trustworthy…

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