Why Israel Is

Question from Jonathan:
So tell me, how do you explain Israel’s continued victory over its neighbors despite being heavily outnumbered?

Answer by SmartLX:
A lot of faith and a lot of help. Many of its inhabitants, and importantly many others around the world, believe they are fulfilling a Biblical prophecy just by having it there. For one instance, the incredible amount of military aid it receives from the United States is due at least in part to a parade of religious American politicians who have accepted its importance in that respect. Thus I’ve previously referred to it as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To look at it another way, none of this is lost in the mists of time. You can go back through the entire history of the state of Israel since its declaration in 1948 and research exactly how and why it survived each individual or ongoing conflict. You’ll find that it just had the right resources and political goodwill at the right times. (Sometimes it literally came down to Israeli heavy artillery versus Palestinians throwing stones.) It didn’t need any miracles, or else some actual miracles would have happened on the world stage and been hard to ignore.

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    1. Even if I agreed, Niki, banning a religion never actually works. The only definitive end to a religion is when its adherents abandon it by choice.

  1. Jon – The existence of Israel is due in no small part to the desire of some European leaders to try to match Biblical claims of what the world looks like when the second coming of Christ happens. Israel is supposed to be back together, so it only made sense to create a Jewish country in the historical lands of the kingdoms of Judah and Israel. Some leaders literally believed they were helping along the end of days by doing this. These Christian men weren’t helping the Jews, they were helping their own belief system (so they thought).

    The success of Israel is due to continued financial and hardware support of nations such as the United States. The Israeli military is far superior to everything around it, with the exception of Saddam Hussein’s military in the 1990s. But Saddam was not an idiot, and knew attacking Israel would bring the US and other big players down on him, so he never went that direction. (Kuwait didn’t work any better for him as history shows). Plus Saddam couldn’t really launch a surprise attack from Iraq when he had to go through either Jordan or Syria to get there. Egypt shares a border, but it is an arid border with no real roads or installations. An attack by Egypt would be obvious as well since they’d have to move across the Sinai in numbers to get there. With the Camp David Accords, and the subsequent flow of US aid to Egypt every year, the Egyptians don’t have any real reason to attack anyway.

    What’s left is, sometimes literally, exactly what LX mentioned. People throwing rocks at tanks for example. Israel surviving post 1980 isn’t that big of a surprise.

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