The Exodus: I Now Call To The Stand…EVERYBODY!

Question from Avi: Could 3 million ppl be wrong? Judaism unlike other religions makes the claim that exodus was witnessed by the entire Jewish ppl. In the case of Jesus walking on water, there weren’t all that many witnesses and it is therefore hard to be certain of its validity. But exodus was witnessed by … Continue reading “The Exodus: I Now Call To The Stand…EVERYBODY!”

What About Judaism?

Question from : Shalom all, I see that you focus on many religions, but haven’t seen anything on Judaism. I wonder what your opinion might be on it, and, if to someone, if the be Torah divine. To me it is, but I’d like to hear any arguments against it, not that I may refute … Continue reading “What About Judaism?”

Have you heard the one about the stone tablets?

Question from Margaret: What is the story where the atheists get slaughtered with the Christians and something about Moses coming down and breaking the tablets. Could you recap the whole thing in atheist language for me? and maybe tell me the verses? Answer by SmartLX: Well, the tablet part at least is easy to pin … Continue reading “Have you heard the one about the stone tablets?”

The Benefits of Irrationality?

Question from Ariel: Hello, I am interested in your perspective as an atheist on a few things. I am not an atheist, nor am I a theist. I am certainly not an agnostic. As a bit of background: I grew up in an entirely atheistic, secular environment and have only begun exploring religious and spiritual … Continue reading “The Benefits of Irrationality?”

DNA and Intelligent Design

Question from John: Can you believe in ID and Evolution? If not how can we prove that a undirected process created information and design within DNA? And if it was created by a misguided process does that mean that everything around us is simply a delusion? Answer by SmartLX: Many people, including some scientists and … Continue reading “DNA and Intelligent Design”

All Those People Can’t Be Wrong

Question from J: Hi, I have a question I can’t seem to be able to answer: The old testament says (I’m paraphrasing) 300000 people were present when the book/tablets was given to them. It goes on about other events that happened to that group of people. My question is: how would you convince an entire … Continue reading “All Those People Can’t Be Wrong”

Familiarity with Scripture

Question from Casey: Ever read the Bible or any other religious doctrine? Answer by SmartLX: Growing up as a Christian, and attending Catholic primary school for many years, I became quite familiar with the Bible. We mainly dealt with the most well-known parts of it: Genesis, Exodus, the four Gospels and so on. I was … Continue reading “Familiarity with Scripture”