Question from John: When computers become truly self-aware and sentient beings, will they be able to comprehend biological life or the existence of their creators? Would they not be in the same quandary as us biological, physical beings when contemplating a creator outside of our experience? Answer by SmartLX: If computers ever become sentient, they’ll … Continue reading ““– WHERE – IS – THE – CREATOR? –“”

Macro vs. Micro, bird and the egg, and deceitful theists.

Todays Question comes from Charles who asks… “My question is in reference to the theory of macro-evolution. I’ll start by saying that I was an atheist for around 5 years of my life but am now a Christian. I fully believe in micro-evolution as it is evident and has been proven Macro- evolution however has … Continue reading “Macro vs. Micro, bird and the egg, and deceitful theists.”

What A Wonderful…World

Question from Camary: How do you think you’re here today? Question from Devon: With no belief in God or Creation, how do you explain the beauty of this world? Question from Ethan: How can you think something so complex, something so wonderful as the world can be made out of a big bang? Answer by … Continue reading “What A Wonderful…World”

Science and Human Evolution

Question from EvoE: What is the proof humans have evolved from a common ancestor? If the scientific method is observation, data collection, internal and external validity and reliability; then how can one observe human evolution? Answer by SmartLX: We don’t observe human evolution. Scientists genuinely don’t know whether it’s still happening, and discuss it often. … Continue reading “Science and Human Evolution”

The Journey of a Soul

Question from Heather: I really appreciate this website, it is quite useful. Early thank you for answering my question. Most theists often worry about where our ‘soul’ goes when we die. I am more interested about where our ‘soul’ was before we were born. I often ask my theist friends this and most of them … Continue reading “The Journey of a Soul”

God in the numbers? The devil’s in the details.

Question from Neil: As a ill-educated atheist how do I best explain the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence being nothing to do with a god? Answer by SmartLX: The same way Darwin explained that the diversity of life need have nothing to do with a god: by showing the Ratio’s natural origins. For those unfamiliar … Continue reading “God in the numbers? The devil’s in the details.”

Christian Talking Points: a laundry list

Question from Chris: I am just curious, if you dont believe in God, then what is the whole point of your life, and how did we all get here, we just suddenly appeared, I have never been brainwashed as to some people on this forum are saying, but your forum actually proves that there is … Continue reading “Christian Talking Points: a laundry list”

NT Historical, Or IsN’T Historical?

Question from Malachy: What is your theory to how Christianity started? Was it a lie? was is a legend? Was it a Historical novel? and why. the more details the better. Answer by Andrea: Hi Malachy, Before I did my research, I heard that Christianity started because the times were hard for the people and … Continue reading “NT Historical, Or IsN’T Historical?”

Christian Worldview: The Atheist Perspective

Question from Cassie: I need an athiest view on Reality, Knowledge, Human Nature, Human Problems, Solutions to Human problems, Human Value, Human Purpose, Ethics, Suffering, Meaning in Life and Human desire. With what I have read it is being said an athiest does not have Human Value, Human Purpose, Ethics, Suffering or meaning in life. … Continue readingChristian Worldview: The Atheist Perspective”

Two-faced Christians?

Question from Tyler: I feel like the more i deep into history that christainty seems more as a fake. I wanna know if im the only one that notices it. For example, the poor only believed in Jesus when he was on earth. and it was a dark time. so it sounds like it was … Continue reading “Two-faced Christians?”