What A Wonderful…World

Question from Camary:
How do you think you’re here today?

Question from Devon:
With no belief in God or Creation, how do you explain the beauty of this world?

Question from Ethan:
How can you think something so complex, something so wonderful as the world can be made out of a big bang?

Answer by SmartLX:
These questions all fit into a category I typically mark with the tag “origins”.

My big article on the apparent design of the world is #4 in my Great Big Arguments series. (Search the site for “great big arguments” and you might save yourself some research, or else want to do more.) It’s got bits about the origin of life, the perception of beauty, the evolution of intelligence and so on. If you’d like to discuss something in more detail, put a comment either here or on that page. (I see all new comments, even on old pages.)

Notice that all the questions above say “how can/do you think/explain…” You folks are challenging me to explain something, so what if I couldn’t? Why would I accept your explanation even then, if I don’t believe in the thing you’re using to explain it? Why would I assume the presence of something even more wonderful, even more exotic and even less explicable than the entire universe and everything in it, which nevertheless has no available, substantial evidence for it? That would just make things worse.