Two-faced Christians?

Question from Tyler:
I feel like the more i deep into history that christainty seems more as a fake. I wanna know if im the only one that notices it. For example, the poor only believed in Jesus when he was on earth. and it was a dark time. so it sounds like it was made up for hope. and its strict bout follwing ur parents so it could be to get kids to listen and to work when they didnt what. one more is that the the bible asks for 10% of ur income. therefore it was to make money for large churchs and for a profit or you would sin. and many people use the bible to justify there crimes and say it is the Lord’s will. or The fact that almost 95% of christians are 2 faced.

Answer by Andrea:
Although I don’t know what percentage of Christians are “2 faced,” I agree many don’t seem to live up to their stated values. But what can you expect from a religion that actually appears to be “plagiarized” (as one scholar in comparative mythology put it), from a variety of sources. Evidence shows the story of Jesus, “son of god,” is very similar to other “saviors of history,” starting with sun god Horus the KRST (which means the anointed one), who, like in the Jesus story, was also:

  • born of a virgin
  • on Dec. 25
  • whose birth was announced by an angel called the “Holy Child”
  • and also by a star in the east
  • whose birth was attended by shepherds and 3 kings bearing gifts?
  • depicted with a solar disk/halo
  • descended from Heaven to save mankind
  • persecuted by a tyrant who tried to prevent his birth
  • was a traveling teacher
  • sent from above to rule for a millennium
  • whose story featured an evil serpent
  • and a battle with his main enemy called “Set” or “Sata”
  • had 12 disciples, 2 of which were called John
  • magically fed hoards of people with a few loaves of bread
  • abolished idolatry
  • delivered a “Sermon on the Mount”
  • walked on water
  • healed lepers, the sick and the blind
  • raised a man from the dead (Elazarus)
  • known as “the lion,” “the lamb,” “the savior,” “the messiah”
  • preached the “Final Day of Judgment”
  • baptized at age 30
  • identified with a cross
  • resurrected after 3 days
  • preached “the second coming”
  • followers enjoy the rebirth of their souls

and there’s more.

The discovery by Napoleon’s troops of the Rosetta Stone, a dictionary which allowed people to decipher the mysteries of the hieroglyphics found in Egyptian temples (which looked like they came straight from the Bible only they were much older).

This history provides an insight into what has embarrassed biblical scholars for centuries: Why a man capable of performing the most astounding miracles known to civilization was not mentioned other than in the Bible and derived religious writings. History documents a King Herod, but he died two years before Jesus was said to be born and there is no mention of the mass slaughter of infants the New Testament says Herod ordered. There is also no mention of a Jesus, a man said to be capable of walking on water, healing lepers and raising the dead.

Please see (which you can print out on 2-sided legal-sized paper if you’d like) for a chart showing the similarities of various mythologies, including Buddha, Krishna (also known as Christ-na), Mithras and others, The chart has been constructed from a variety of scholarly sources on comparative religions.

Due to the vast amount of information out there, the chart should by no means be considered to be complete. For example, there were over 50 messiahs centuries before Jesus who were recorded to be 1) born of virgins, 2) to save mankind, 3) only to later be crucified, and then 4) resurrected.

2 thoughts on “Two-faced Christians?”

  1. Comment via email by Jeremy:

    alright, well Tyler is 1 of my best friends and he makes an awesome point about 2 faced christians and everything being fake.

    I believe this Jesus existed but all he was was a jewish teacher and an early version of an illusionist. i c faith as empty hope. people only go to christianity is bc they “need a reason to live” or they do it bc they are scared. have you ever noticed that if you are not christian then society looks at you completely different?

    and if this “god” they speak of does exist then where is he? why doesnt he prove himself? i have challenged him to show himself many times and every time it ends up the same. i see nothing of him in the sky and i see nothing of this “soul” everyone talks about either! and what is all this bull about denominations!? i thought it was 1 religion not 1000 religions in 1. why cant they make up their mind!? it is sooo fake!

    why do churches (catholics) have the power to excommunicate!? that isnt very holy now is it? why is it catholics believe mary was an immaculate conception like supposedly jesus was? where does it say that in their bible? people distort and change the bible bc they make it more of what they want it to be.

    christianity is just like every other religion and is just a blow up story and is all a worthless lie yet still so many people are too blind to open their eyes and see that!in the bible is says he made us in his image. so “god” has both male and female parts? and how is it when you ask how “god” became to be all they ever say is that he has always been here? how in the world does that work!? are they really that pitiful and weak that they cant even come up with a way that their “god” became to be??? it is all worthless lies.

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