A Hindu Gets A Christian NDE

Question from Kamil: This is the story of Dr Rajiv Parti. I want to know if this story proves Christainity, as it happened to a Hindu man who was raised in India, yet saw Archangels Michael and Raphael. Parti had prostate cancer. The operation to remove the cancerous cells left him with complications: impotence, incontinence … Continue reading “A Hindu Gets A Christian NDE”

Seen One NDE, Seen Them All

Question from Vlad: Hello, was indoctrinated into Christian faith since birth. I have a hard time when people ask me what I believe. On one hand, I trust evolution, I have had difficulties accepting the Bible. The whole idea that religion is a man made construct with “heaven” and “hell” used as a mechanism for … Continue reading “Seen One NDE, Seen Them All”

NDE Claim: Al Sullivan and the Flapping Doctor

Question from Mirek: Most convincing NDE of all time. I want skeptic atheist opinions. I feel that if we do have a soul, this NDE describes it best. Perhaps you all have heard of it. Please give me your input, I want honest opinions about this amazing testimony. It sounds great at the surface, could … Continue reading “NDE Claim: Al Sullivan and the Flapping Doctor”

Trying to Cross Off a Couple of NDE Explanations

Question from Mirek: Here are some arguments against current scientific ideas about Near Death Experiences: First, Lack of Oxygen to the brain: Hogan: Lack of oxygen causes stupor without memories of the experience. People experiencing NDEs report enhanced consciousness not stupor and they remember their NDE. “Dr. Fred Schoonmaker, a cardiologist from Denver, had by … Continue reading “Trying to Cross Off a Couple of NDE Explanations”

The Problems With NDE Claims – Comprehensive

Question from Miguel: Often times, NDEs [near death experiences] sound quite compelling, and some OBEs [out of body experiences] sound very compelling. The thing is that they are anecdotes, and so far, no one has fully demonstrated that they are real. An objective measure would be to place targets in hospital rooms and see if … Continue reading “The Problems With NDE Claims – Comprehensive”

Package Deal: NDE (claim) + Miracle Cure (claim)

Question from Halil: Do you think this proves miracles? http://orthodoxinfo.com/death/miracle_russia.aspx Answer by SmartLX: If you’re going to give me nothing but a link, Halil, I will respond in kind with a nice in-depth thread on the Skeptics Society forum dedicated to this particular claim. Many, many problems with it. Respond to the criticisms from the … Continue reading “Package Deal: NDE (claim) + Miracle Cure (claim)”

Breaking Down NDEs by Cause

Question from Marcus: Does this disprove the hypoxia theory for NDEs? http://skeptiko.com/critique-of-skeptics-guide-249/ Answer by SmartLX: A quick search on this topic makes it apparent we’ve wandered into a battlefield. The hypoxia hypothesis has been viciously attacked elsewhere as well, always with the express purpose of legitimising claims of near death experiences. The core issue is … Continue reading “Breaking Down NDEs by Cause”

Rooting For The Ultimate Underdog

Question from Kyle: I was wondering if you agree with me that even if we knew Christianity were true, any moral person would be morally compelled to follow Lucifer not God. – God kills at least millions, Lucifer killed less than a handful of people. – 1/3 of all angels rebel with Lucifer to fight … Continue reading “Rooting For The Ultimate Underdog”

Eben Alexander’s Adventures In Bed

Question from Halil: Hello guys, Recently I read about the Eben Alexander case, a neurosurgeon, who went to Harvard. He claims that he was in a coma, that his brain was 100 percent shut off due to meningitis. I’m sure many have heard of this. There was an article published by Luke Dittrich in 2013 … Continue reading “Eben Alexander’s Adventures In Bed”

The NDEs Keep Coming

Question from Halil: Hello, I wanted to know what atheists think of this testimony, and if it scares them. http://www.precious-testimonies.com/BornAgain/L-N/LaFondT.htm Answer by SmartLX: Not scary if you don’t already believe. When trying to threaten kids about the boogeyman, they have to believe it exists to some extent before they buy into the fear. This does … Continue reading “The NDEs Keep Coming”