Seen One NDE, Seen Them All

Question from Vlad:
Hello, was indoctrinated into Christian faith since birth. I have a hard time when people ask me what I believe. On one hand, I trust evolution, I have had difficulties accepting the Bible. The whole idea that religion is a man made construct with “heaven” and “hell” used as a mechanism for controlling populations makes sense. However, in my church, one of the priests told us that hell has been proven to exist. He sent us an email with a few written accounts of religious people who were decent, but drank and partied, and were therefore not accepting God. They then either claim that they may have died and had what’s known as a Near Death Experience or NDE or even dreams sometimes where they encounter hell.

I found a multitude of videos where people claim to have seen hell in either a dream or an NDE, and what I realized is that all these reports sound consistent:

– falling through a black hole
– hearing screams
-seeing souls suffering
– seeing fire
-meeting demons who often say “we got you now”
– the demons beat people, and look like reptiles
– then the person calls out to Jesus or God, and a light appears
-this light saves them

There are many of these kinds of videos:

All of these sound so similar.

I wonder how so many people could hallucinate/dream the same thing, especially this last link was a mormon woman who didn’t believe in hell, and had no exposure to it. How did she experience what so many experience?

They seem so consistent. Being raised Christian, I always pictured hell as a place with dark rocks that people stand on, surrounded by lava and fire, being burned, suffering, maybe meeting Satan, etc. I never pictured there being demons who claim “we got you now” and attack people while mocking them. All of my Christian friends I asked didn’t picture this either, so what gives? Why do all these accounts report reptile horned demons?

Any rational thoughts on this?

Answer by SmartLX:
Put “nde” or “near death experience” into the search function above to find a positive wealth of articles, because it’s been a popular subject lately. In particular, this piece addresses your specific question about the similarities between claims. Briefly, there can be very good physical or mental reasons why people experience what they do, and they’re all human beings living in the same society.

4 thoughts on “Seen One NDE, Seen Them All”

  1. Vlad writes: [I found a multitude of videos where people claim to have seen hell in either a dream or an NDE, and what I realized is that all these reports sound consistent]

    Reports of Big Foot encounters are consistent, Vlad. So are reports of UFOs. Reports of leprechauns have a consistency about them too. So do stories of Santa Claus.

    Do you think the commonalities of these tales make Big Foot, or UFOs, or Santa more likely or plausible? No, I bet you don’t, and here’s why: Because you know that most people have heard of such tales and it’s not surprising to you that they all sound similar.

    So why think NDE claims are anything different than Big Foot claims? In fact, since we know apes exist in general (man is an ape after all), shouldn’t Big Foot claims be considered MORE likely than baseless unproven supernatural speculation?

    Don’t be fooled by the hype, Vlad. The same common sense you use for leprechaun stories can be applied to NDE tales…

  2. Let me ask you. In order for a person to live in fire, especially fire from heaven, that was reportedly said to have destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and even the alter and sacrifice were completely consumed when Elija stood for God against the god Balle and his priests. So only a person or his “soul” thst is immortal could survive hellfire. But nowhere in the Bible does it say that man is immortal. Neither does it teach that the “soul” of a person is able to separate from the body of a person. As a matter of fact the Bible actually says that man was already a living soul. You find this truth in Genesis 2. Along with this in Genesis 3 the Bible let’s us know that God prevented Adam and Eve and therefore all of man, prevented man from becoming immortal. You find this in Genesis chapter 3. So man is not immortal. And that includes any soul of man that which actually is man himself. And when you include the Bible verse where Jesus Himself told His desciples that not to fear another person who can kill their bodies. But fear Him, who is able to destroy both body and soul in hellfire.
    I well try to share more later

    1. Not that it needs pointing out, but of course there is no evidence for souls, gods, the supernatural, magic, or any other Biblical nonsense.

      Carry on dear readers, and continue to free your minds from the shackles of religion and dogma…

  3. Ok. You say there is no evidence for God. At least the kind that you would care to accept. And yet the evidence is there. There’s me and you and every living being. There’s every living organism. And since science has come up short in explaining how all of life came to be, so much so that they have lied and made up evidence to make it look like science science had the answers, but they were found out. So much so, that they refuse to accept evidence that leads us to know that what is intelligently designed is actually intelligently designed.
    Have you even dug into how the Bible has made predictions hundreds of years before they came to be. Now, of course a novice undecided like you would not think this as much of a problem that you should be concerned with, but early atheists, were concerned about these prophecies. And they were at a loss to explain how these prophecies could have been so dead on. You and the other modern atheists just try dismissing the evidence like this that point to the Bible as a supernatural book, given to us by God. But there are other things that puts the Bible in the forefront. Another is the fact that there have been so many copies of the Bible that have been found that allows the translators to make translations that are as close to the correct translations as humanly possible. And this alone is a miracle, because for these documents to have survived after all these years, as complete as they are, shows that someone took great pains to make it so.
    Then there is the fact that one solitary nation, vexed on all sides by nations who wanted nothing good for them, has been able to survive intact, even though this nation, Israel, has been conquered over and over again, and is still able to call themselves a nation. And let’s just point out that all the people who have accepted the Bible as the Word of God, believing that the Bible is the word of God and have done all possible to demonstrate their faith in God and His Word, against all odds. No other book has been attacked as much as the Bible. No other Book has caused rulers and dictators to try to rid themselves of this Book and those who hold it in reverence. And no other book has made such a change in the fabric of nations as the Bible has. It has seen the humblest and those most important to bow down to the God that it speaks of. It has brought the poorest and the richest, together following the God that it speaks of. What a Christian has to use as evidence to base the belief in God, may not be God in a test tube, or under a microscope, but that is only because God is not dead. And He is too big to fit into a test tube, or under a microscope. And He is seen with the part of man that everyone suspects is there but has found it hard to prove. Just like the mother who awakens at night feeling that something is wrong and has found out later that a child is sick or worst. The part of man that tells someone not to board a flight, and later on it is found out that the flight went down. The part of man that tells them not to do wrong, or to do what is right. And why have so many people come forward and claimed that they have a relationship with the God of the universe. And what about all those miracles that have been told about in the Bible and which have been testified to by millions of individuals around the world.
    Now, just one or two of these things by themselves may be just dismissed as coincidence. But when you put them all together, there is a preponderance of evidence that should make us all sit up and wonder. And when you couple that together with the fact that what is created has the. fingerprints that point to the fact that the creation had to have been by God. So much so that even evolutionists have claimed with wonder that it appears that everything is exquisitely and intelligently designed. So there is more than enough evidence that should cause each of us to begin to wonder if God really is.
    Now I’m not saying that there is a part of man that floats off when someone dies. That can’t be because the Bible says that when we die we go to sleep. So no one goes to hell, or heaven when they die, unless God resurrects that person. But there is a God and we can have a relationship with Him. Just like many an individual, from the backwoods of the jungle to the highest floor of the most modern building, have claimed. God is.

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