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Question from Call Me Static:
So, I found this looking for an answer for the Law of Biogenesis (I’m on the younger side) for school and came across this. This interested me and I thought I’d ask a question to you about what you believe with an atheistic point of view.

Do you believe in the Big Bang Theory and if not, what do you believe created the universe? I’m curious to see what you believe on this.

I’m doing this for pleasure, not anything for school. Just thought I’d ask out of simple curiosity.

Answer by SmartLX:
Lucky you, I just revisited the “law” of biogenesis the other day. But hopefully you found the earlier piece referenced therein.

Anyway, I do think the evidence supports the Big Bang, so I accept the theory and I just plain think that it happened. This leaves some pretty big questions, like what existed beforehand and what caused it (if time was, “at the time”, in a state where either question even makes sense) and what it implies for the future of the universe (heat death? Big Crunch?) but that particular moment in cosmic history is looking pretty solid right now.

3 thoughts on “Big Ol’ Bang”

  1. You sound pretty naive, but genuine, without any agenda and not pretentious at all, which is good. I hope you understand more of the issue at hand one day, as is ‘WHO CREATED THE UNIVERSE’.

    My first response to you would be ‘WHO SAYS IT WAS CREATED’.

    And, the second, IT WAS NEVER CREATED, IT HAS EXISTED FOREVER, in a way. Energy, or the conditions that made it possible.

    So, the question about the AUTHOR of the creation of the Universe is senseless, because there has never been a creation, and thus neither a creator.

  2. “Religious and particularly Christian apologists make much of the fact that there isn’t an established scientific theory of abiogenesis like there is for evolution.”
    This statement from SmartLx, is such a fallacy. There is no scientific theory for evolution. And so it is not an established theory. It is a speculation which have nothing more than “we think’s” and “maybe’s” as to what someone has imagined to have taken place, but what they think or imagined has never been duplicated or repeated in a laboratory.
    They say that there are transitional fossils, but no one has ever produced the evidence that shows what they believe one organism used to be, and then what they think an organism was before, is actually what they say, it was.
    As a matter of fact to assume that an orgainsm actually was something at one time and then as that same organism went on through life, became a totally different organism, has not only never been shown, to be, it is virtually impossible to be. A person does not become a werewolf. And the whale did not suddenly sprout legs and decided to walk on land. The type of macro evolution, that would be the lie and unscientific speculation, of the evolutionists would best be told to be possible only through the new organisms formed at birth or at the cellular division level. But this is completely made impossible because what an organism is going to be, has been determined long ago when the programming of each cell that came to be was downloaded upon its DNA. And despite years of trying to cause this type of macro evolution to take place, the evolutionists or atheists have fallen short miserably. And this is because you can’t make a cell become something that it is not programmed to be. Now viruses have invaded cells and caused that cell to replicate that virus, but the virus is like within an egg and then emerges from within that cell. That cell does not become the virus.

    “A virus particle attaches to a host cell.
    The particle releases its genetic instructions into the host cell.
    The injected genetic material recruits the host cell’s enzymes.
    The enzymes make parts for more new virus particles.
    The new particles assemble the parts into new viruses.
    The new particles break free from the host cell.”. (

    So what evolution is claiming is not not only possible but biologically contradictory.
    You don’t see it happening today. No one has ever produced fossils showing that it has happened in the past. And we don’t expect that it will happen in the future.
    Therefore, the speculation, is far from being established, it is altogether thrown out when you size it up to the true scientific method.

    And life being created is more than established. If follows how life is happening today, where each type of organism is reproduced by that same type of organism. All the way down to the cellular level, each type of organism reproduces itself. That is creation not evolution.

  3. Gerald, you don’t know the meaning of the word THEORY, in hard science. Look it up, google ‘WHY IS EVOLUTION CALLED “THEORY”‘, and then read, and then read some more.
    Organisms did not change within their lives, their litters did, through well known mechanisms of chance mutations, that brought about either good or bad for the very organisms that carried these mutations, so, the good carriers survived, the bad ones died off before they reproduced themselves, or had been eaten by other organisms. I mean to say you have no idea of the real meaning of the scientific words used to describe the processes that went on, this is why you don’t understand and reject evolution of the valid ‘theory’…this time I use the word in its basic, prosaic meaning, the way you apply it to scientific theories, which are of course not ordinary theories of your and any of your buddies’ thinking.
    The other reason why you reject the idea of evolution as the mechanisms that made you possible take part here, where you have no place, is that you cannot fathom the world without your sky ‘daddy’ because you are scared to live without him. Sorry.
    I give you my word I gave you a chance. I tried to read on of your silly prattling, but when I saw that a PERRSON DOES NOT BECOME WAREWOLF, then I gave up. It is not that I thing that you, with your basic stupidity, which I do think you have, cannot possibly understand that evolution is the only possible way that brought you here, but it is that you don’t want to read about it, in fear you see the logic of it. Because, if it did happen, you would shit your pants from fear of loneliness in the Universe, and disappointment from the NO AFTER LIFE. Because you, a little shit of a homo sapiens, not double sapiens, want to live forever. You don’t want to give others chance of life, even once. This is why men who are not fathers, or good fathers, believe in their sky daddy hahaha why not sky mummy, you do know that mummies bear and bring up kids, not daddies, and mothers believe it for the sake of their children.
    In short you are all a bunch of losers.

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