A Scattershot Against Science

Question from A:
“science is religion… people think gravity is proven, it has never been proven, and name the experiment that “proved” it, or at the very least, wasn’t disproven…… as nikola tesla said “science has substituted experiments for math, and it has no relation to reality”…. then u have things like cancer, that have easy cures…..

and the earth is flat……. i suggest u all thoroughly look into it, science is satanism… funny how the quantum physicists say we r in a simulation now, due to experiments like the delft quantum entanglement experiment or the double slit anomaly…. “future humans put us in a simulation” they try everything to take god out.. they admit (orion missions, 2013) we can’t get by the thermosphere or the vab.. the wires alone get fucked by heat and radiation.

chicago skyline from 60 miles away? not possible on a 24901 mile round ball….. seeing from end to end on a 100 mile salt flat? not possible…. v2 rocket from white sands new mexico, 65 miles high, no curve, yet in 1935, explorer 2, 13 miles high was the first picture of the curve………eh?

u think they r using science to just lie about stupid shit? nooooo….. they warped ur perception. the greatest deceiver in the world convinced us the world was different itself. ptolemy and copernicus r still being argued over int he science world lol…. waka that lying jap physicists says “we look like we r the center, BUT I CHOOSE NOT TO BELIEVE THAT” WATCH THE PRINCIPLE, he says that in that documentary lol”

Can someone explain?

Answer by SmartLX:
Yes I think I can explain. You have a deep mistrust (possibly even paranoia) of science in all its forms, and have chosen to accept and disseminate the specific material which purportedly discredits science to attempt to persuade people to abandon their confidence in science and trust only in God. This leads you through multiple pseudosciences and conspiracy theories, from easy (but supposedly suppressed) cancer cures to the simulated universe to the flat Earth to geocentrism. This journey arms you with multiple reasons to trust God over science which are good enough for you but not nearly good enough for others who see the issues with your material, so you remain resolutely reassured while failing to persuade anyone else, most or all of the time. This must be terribly frustrating for you, whenever it actually registers.

4 thoughts on “A Scattershot Against Science”

  1. Smartxl, why only possibly, maybe you are shy to call ‘A’ paranoid, but I have had a diagnosed by SCIENTISTS we usually call psychiatrists, a relative of my husband’s, with paranoia.
    Nikola Tesla was not a normal person, he was a homosexual and probably jealous at scientists who do practical things with his pure mathematics. Why did Einstein not say such an idiotic thing? Besides, it is said that Edison stole ideas, or even more, from Tesla, which made him even more bitter and hateful and against humanity.

    As for your ‘thinking’ about proof of gravity, the best experiment or proof of its existence for you would be that you jump or get pushed by someone who cannot stand you any longer, from a very tall building and drop dead, so that you will not survive to think harder about WHAT killed you, moron.

    Democracy is not for everybody, Socrates said. Not for you. Hide in a mouse’s hole, because even your mother…mothers love their children even when they are pigs, but you are too much of a degenerate even for her…is ashamed of you. Unless she is like you.

    Your post is not worth my while for reading it through. PARANOIA sucks.

  2. This person has the worst psychiatric illness there is. Maybe should be closed, maybe dangerous for scientists.

  3. A,

    You’ve asked quite a bit in one submittal. I’ll focus on just one issue you’ve raised, and I’ll ask you to consider just one question.

    The issue is the shape of the Earth. I’ve heard an increase in claims that the government(s) are conspiring to lie to the population about the shape of the Earth. I’m not sure what your feelings are exactly, but it’s commonly stated that quite a bit of money is spent on it, and agencies like NASA and the European Space Agency are in on it.

    If tens of thousands of people in governments and science fields are lying to us, spending billions of dollars to keep the hoax up, my question is: For what purpose?

    Stop and think about it, A. What about your life would change if the planet was flat instead of round (or round instead of flat). Would it change anything about your daily life? Is there any good reason for a vast conspiracy to be created just to lie about the shape of the planet? If it’s a money thing, it’d be a lot easier for an agency like NASA to claim they are sending probes out to visit small asteroids going by Earth, or something like that. It’d be a lot harder for people to verify that. Why would they lie about something like the shape of the planet?

    Seems awfully useless to me to lie to the human race about something which has about zero affect on the lives of just about everyone….

  4. Earth is flat … gravity is unproven …

    Dude … what is it that you’re having? And how do I get my hands on that stuff … seems real strong/ potent.

    Apologies for pointing this out but I think you might be lagging behind even the catholic church (assuming you are a christian) in your views. At-least sync your views with their current views.
    I guess for you it really is boojums all the way through …

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