If this is the best apologetics Islam has to offer…

Question from Abu (“Muslim until death”, as he wrote in the name field):
I always feel pity for the stubbornness (to believe in Allah/God/Elohim/Ubangiji) of/by Atheists.

Thus I have a lot of questions to harden your brain (and if Allah wills for you goodness; you may take heed).

1) First of all: Why do you deny the existence of Allah [the Almighty God] ?

2) Second of all: Do you go with your life (here I purposely mean) for breathing, able to motionize, able to so likes of ?

3) Third of all: Do you think that everything goes freely by its power of nature ?

4) Fourth of all: If you think that Allah doesn’t exist, how all things came to existence ?

5) Fifth of last: I do argue to prepare for yourselves the last destination, there is a world to come after this, don’t let yourself be loser in Hereafter.

Bye !

Answer by SmartLX:
Interesting idea for you while I’m answering these: if none of the preaching has any effect on me, does that mean Allah wills me to reject him? The Bible talks about God hardening people’s hearts so that they’ll reject him; maybe some people just aren’t meant to be saved.

1) I deny that Allah exists (or at least I say that it seems very unlikely) because I do not believe that Allah exists, and I have decided to be honest about it. Even a genuine lack of belief is difficult for some believers to accept. Sorry folks, but there are people who truly disagree with you.

2) This one was honestly difficult to interpret, so tell me if I’m on the wrong track. I don’t think I need help to breathe, move and so on because there are mechanisms in my body which make these things happen for me. Even if Allah is real he doesn’t necessarily have to run everything manually.

3) I think everything obeys natural laws, only some of which we understand well enough to predict behaviour. An interventionist god like Allah would influence our lives by violating these laws, and I don’t think there’s good evidence that this is happening.

4) I don’t know how everything came to exist. To say that this lack of knowledge supports an assertion that a being with an equally mysterious origin must exist is an argument from ignorance. (It’s no accident that this is the most common hyperlink on this site besides the one for my Twitter.)

5) This is not a question.

2 thoughts on “If this is the best apologetics Islam has to offer…”

  1. Abu, that’s funny, because I often feel empathy for people that waste hours of their day believing in the supernatural. They spend literally years of their limited lifespan achieving nothing with their efforts.

    To answer your questions:

    1) I don’t deny Allah anymore than the rest of the thousands of god creatures that humans have come up with. Allah isn’t anything unique in the pantheon of angry god beings that humans have used for political and social control of the masses. So to answer why I don’t find any of them plausible, the answer is because there is no evidence for any of them. They all break universal rules which aren’t breakable, they have each have characteristics that contradict other characteristics, and despite all this activity there isn’t even one lousy piece of empirical data for any of them.

    2) As science continues to explain more and more of the universe, the need for gods to act as an answer for unknown things continues to shrink. We don’t need a divine being to understand how life works or why life works. If you don’t know why this is so then I recommend taking some science classes or reading some scientific journals.

    3) Everything in the universe works under the universal laws, and no one has found an exception to that. No need for gods to explain anything.

    4) I don’t know. But believing gods are needed to create the universe begs the question of what created the god. Of course you will claim the god always existed, which means not everything needs to be created. As the universe is simpler than an all powerful god creature, Occams Razor suggests that a universe is more likely to exist without a god than with one.

    5) If I told you that you were not going to be allowed to cross the river Styx and enter the Fields of Alysium because you didn’t worship the right god, would that bother you? Or course it wouldn’t, because you don’t believe in Greek Mythology. It’s like that for me with your threats of eternal damnation by your favorite god, allah. It doesn’t scare me to be threatened by your god anymore than the Egyptian gods or the Flying Spaghetti Monster…

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