Do you admire any Christians?

JimmyC asks….

There are many negative stereotypes about Christians. And, unfortunately many of those stereotypes prove to be true. Are there any Christians in your past or present that you admire and feel are misrepresented by the stereotypes? Thanks

Great question Jimmy and very original. We haven’t had that one here yet. Thanks.

There are many people who are christian that I admire. They range from my friends and family to politicians. What makes a person admirable to me isn’t what faith or political side they swing towards, it’s how they treat other people. I don’t care what a persons faith or lack of faith is as long as they lend a hand to someone who needs one. Christianity teaches that “And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8 KJB) but few Christians actually practice this, which in turn creates the stereotype you’re referring to.

Jimmy Carter is a great example to me of a devout christian who practices charity. Instead of sitting on his ass after his presidency, he went out and built homes. He helped feed the hungry. He works toward improving the conditions of those that society has brushed aside. He also believes in the separation of church and state. If more Christians, hell, if more people of faith were like him, atheists wouldn’t have as much of a problem with them.


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  1. Yes, a very good question and I’d be interested in the diversity of experiences here.

    I’ve certainly met Christians who I admired for their strong sense of humility and charity and humanity – I’m sure none of them would mind if I called them true humanists – I’ve also met Buddhists who have a worldview based first and foremost on compassion. What has struck me is how similar in personality and temperament they often are.

    However, I’d like to nominate two people in particular:

    Wes Morriston, a recently retired American Professor of Philosophy who is intellectually honest; for example, he has no qualms about thoroughly debunking poorly formulated ‘proofs’ for god and refuting the William Lane Craig style of apologetics.

    My second is retired Bishop John Spong, because he genuinely values science and is not afraid to put the welfare of people, even those he may disagree with, before the primacy of scripture.

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