The NDEs Keep Coming

Question from Halil: Hello, I wanted to know what atheists think of this testimony, and if it scares them. Answer by SmartLX: Not scary if you don’t already believe. When trying to threaten kids about the boogeyman, they have to believe it exists to some extent before they buy into the fear. This does … Continue reading “The NDEs Keep Coming”

The NDE From Hell

Question from Halil: Ok, so on YouTube there are a variety of videos on some pro-Christian channels that encompass interviews of Christians who apparently were sinners, did not go to church, drank alcohol, masturbated, etc. and they talk about how they had Near Death Experiences or visions while they were sleeping where they visited hell. … Continue reading “The NDE From Hell”

Near Death Experiences – does Christianity “win”?

Question from Kustav: I was wondering something with regards to Near Death Experiences. Why is it that I can find numerous NDEs where the experience entails Jesus, but I cannot find any NDEs where a Muslim for example meets Muhammad, or a Hindu meets Krishna. I have however, read stories of Atheists, Jews, Muslims, and … Continue reading “Near Death Experiences – does Christianity “win”?”

Seeking the Source of Hell

Question from Jakob: Hello, I am back again. So my fear of hell has came back a little, just a little. So anyway do you know of any good books on the origin of hell and similar Christian mythology? Answer by SmartLX: Hell’s a little bit specific for a whole book. There is The History … Continue reading “Seeking the Source of Hell”

The View from Outside (your body)

Question from Violeta: I am currently an agnostic, and I do believe in evolution, the Big Bang, I am a big fan of Richard Dawkins, Laurence Krauss, Hawking, just to name a few atheists. I think that for the most part, science does its job when explaining the universe, and the world in general. However, … Continue reading “The View from Outside (your body)”

What Nightmares May Come

Question from Chelsea: Besides disrespect for the planet and a willingness (or even eagerness) to die for a religious cause, what are other negative consequences of maintaining belief in an afterlife? Answer by SmartLX: Well, don’t belittle those two points for a start, because they can cause a whole lot of damage all by themselves. … Continue reading “What Nightmares May Come”

Left Christianity, but Hell followed you out?

Question from Chris: I was raised Christian until I found a Jewish website that explained how the New Testament contradicts the Old. I now describe myself as agnostic, but I’m still afraid that there may be a hell. This is stopping me from living my life and while I doubt that I’ll become a Christian … Continue reading “Left Christianity, but Hell followed you out?”

Heaven’s Cold Comfort

Question from Tsahpina: If the religious really believe there is an afterlife and/or paradise, for those who believe in such, why do they cry when someone dear to them dies and why are they afraid of their own death? I do not mean this as rhetorical question, but since Ivery much doubt any religious person … Continue reading “Heaven’s Cold Comfort”

Demons and gods and the Big Bang oh my!

Arushi asks… Okay so I am an atheist and I am 13 yo girl from India !! Yes , India but my mom and dad were quite supportive of my act … I read about different stuff from the Internet and then I read about Stephen hawking and all his books and he says that … Continue reading “Demons and gods and the Big Bang oh my!”

Letting go of the soul.

Today’s question comes from Eva who writes… Message: Hello! I’m so glad I’ve found this site! I’ve recently separated myself from Christianity but its been quite difficult. My question is this. Can an atheist be spiritual? Spiritual meaning believing in spirits and an afterlife ect. Now obviously I understand that athiests believe in pure logic … Continue reading “Letting go of the soul.”