Molecules Say The Darnedest Things

Question from ‘name’:
My question is, really, why would an atheist care to talk or explain his ‘atheism’, if we are just molecules and will vanish one day?

Answer by SmartLX:
Because all matter is atoms and molecules. Molecules differ from atoms in that they are more complex, being made up of multiple atom types (elements) and thus able to act and interact in a potentially unlimited number of ways. To the point, enough molecules of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen (and traces of many other elements) can form a brain, an organic computer which can in principle do the following:
– Understand the general concept of a god.
– Make a judgement that it’s unlikely or impossible that such a thing exists.
– Make a further judgement that belief in a god is ultimately harmful, or at least that lack of belief is preferable, based primarily on empathy for other beings with brains.
– Formulate arguments against the concept and find ways to spread them.

Even if you think God created the brain, you have to admit it’s capable of doing all this. Which of course means God created atheists, which is something Christians must explain for themselves.

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  1. I would say there are 6 elements that form proteins.
    They are oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur, phosphor and carbon.
    Bodily tissues are proteins and lipids. Thus, so is the brain made of protein and lipids. The rest, except for protein, of organic matter, are lipids. Carbohydrates are fuel. So can be used as fuel, proteins and lipids, but they are more necessary as building bricks for protein and lipids. Carbs, on the other hand are only fuel. Not part of our body, but is used by it for energy. Brain prefers glucose for its fuel. I am not an expert. But I do know that only proteins contain nitrogen (azot).

  2. But, they will say ‘god’ created us and then gave us free will. Bullocks.
    There is no free will. There is cause and consequence.
    Causality law. Determinism.
    End of story. Sorry, you have no free will.
    We are all puppets on strings.
    Free will is an illusion of our stupid brains. We all have this illusions, but some of us know we are delusional about this particular thing, while most don’t. Pity, because one one is aware s/he has no free will, the one becomes really free, of illusion, that is. No more self-deception.

  3. “My question is, really, why would an atheist care to talk or explain his ‘atheism’, if we are just molecules and will vanish one day?”

    Depends on the atheist of course (I mention that in case you are one of those believers that think “atheists” is some kind of club where everyone thinks exactly alike, which is definitely not true in reality).

    I will share why I talk about it. Put simply, I think it is important for the human race to become more rational about the reality of the universe, from everyday life all the way to long term future planning. It’s a real problem, with real implications, for our species when people use religion inappropriately. Take the issue of man made global warming. There is no doubt whatsoever in the scientific community that the climate is warming at a record pace, and it is a result of human use of fossil fuels. If all the ice in the world melted, all of Florida would be under water. ALL OF IT! Yet the deniers of all this are mostly highly religious people who actually believe that only their god could affect the climate, and therefore ignore the future danger.

    Here’s a great article that illustrates it:

    The continual indoctrination of succeeding generations of supernatural belief systems, coupled with the dismissal of sound science, is going to continue to bear harmful fruit to everyone, whether they believe or not.

    I am an atheist because there is no evidence for the existence of god creatures or the supernatural. The reason I am a vocal atheist however is because of what religious people are doing to our future because of their continued ignorance.

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