The Bible, and Pascal’s Wager, in that order

Question from Quentina: What problems have you found with the Bible? And what if God is real and you’re wrong? Answer by SmartLX: The basic problem with the Bible is that it was written between 3000 and 1900 years ago by a varied group of authors, some of whom had read the others’ work but … Continue reading “The Bible, and Pascal’s Wager, in that order”

Blood Covenants And You

Question from Chinx: Should blood covenants ever matter to atheists? Answer by SmartLX: If they’re real, yeah. A blood covenant, as far as I can gather from articles like this, is a mutual obligation between two parties to serve each other in every way needed on pain of a horrible death, not just for the … Continue reading “Blood Covenants And You”

Looking For That 100%

Question from Josie: Hello this is a college student who is pretty much confused. I do have a fact in mind God doesn’t exist. But, the other part of me doesn’t. Is there any steps to pretty much make me fully sure he doesn’t exist. My mind 85% tells me he isn’t real but some … Continue reading “Looking For That 100%”

“Have you considered…” (spoiler: yes)

Question from Aaron: Hello! Have you considered if Hell is real? The Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself warned people of a literal Hell, the lake of fire ultimately, where all those who rejected Him and His shed blood payment on the cross for their sins alone (His death burial and Resurrection), will spend … Continue reading ““Have you considered…” (spoiler: yes)”

The God Contingency

Question from Dane: I’m just wondering, what if after all these years of not believing in God (Yaweh) then when you die you find out that there really is a God? What will you do? Answer by SmartLX: If that happens, what I do will depend entirely on which god it is. If it’s one … Continue reading “The God Contingency”

Christian Talking Points: a laundry list

Question from Chris: I am just curious, if you dont believe in God, then what is the whole point of your life, and how did we all get here, we just suddenly appeared, I have never been brainwashed as to some people on this forum are saying, but your forum actually proves that there is … Continue reading “Christian Talking Points: a laundry list”