Fine-Tuned Gravity: Don’t Touch That Dial

Question from Cedric: Victor Stenger says supporters of the Fine Tuning argument make the mistake of holding all the parameters constant and varying just one. He says “changes to one parameter can be easily compensated for by changes to another, leaving the ingredients for life in place.” “The ingredients for life” is a more complex … Continue reading “Fine-Tuned Gravity: Don’t Touch That Dial”

The Poorly-Tuned Universe?

Question from Alex: Hi, this question has the intention to find if there are direct counter-examples of the fine-tuning argument, by this I mean constants that could be adjustable without impeding the emergence of life in the universe; are there such constants? If the universe was designed by an intelligent creator, we should expect things … Continue reading “The Poorly-Tuned Universe?”

Michael Prescott Tries Theology

Question from Lukas: Hi. First of all I want to thank this site for the answers I received so far. It really helps in discussions with believers. Now to my new question which is rather long. A friend of mine who is a believer sent me a web address of a blog where he gives … Continue reading “Michael Prescott Tries Theology”

Something From Nothing And Your Chicks For Free

Question from Jay: How is nothingness able to create a finely tuned universe? A theist might make it more complicated by saying “If something can come into being from nothing, then it becomes inexplicable why just anything or everything doesn’t come into being from nothing. Why can’t books pop into being from nothing? Why is … Continue reading “Something From Nothing And Your Chicks For Free”

The Determination Of The Universe

Question from Alejandro: Message: I was debating (not formally) in my university about the existence of a god, and we ended up in the topic of determinism. My theist opposition argued that determinism would prove the existence of (their) god, that it would prove that, say, life was determined to exist by physics and chemistry, … Continue reading “The Determination Of The Universe”