Something from nothing?

Got a question from Rick today who asks… Name: Rick Message: Do atheists believe that everything came from nothingness or do they believe that something has always been? Great question Rick! This is a common question that most atheists get from believers and it’s understandable why. Believers are taught that all things have a beginning … Continue reading “Something from nothing?”

Something From Nothing And Your Chicks For Free

Question from Jay: How is nothingness able to create a finely tuned universe? A theist might make it more complicated by saying “If something can come into being from nothing, then it becomes inexplicable why just anything or everything doesn’t come into being from nothing. Why can’t books pop into being from nothing? Why is … Continue reading “Something From Nothing And Your Chicks For Free”

Nothing, Something, Everything

Question from Niki: Hi, it’s me again, with my ORIGIN OF MATTER IN EMPTY SPACE question. Or not so empty, even before the big-bang. I tried again googling the question with some other words, like what caused the big-bang, why then and not sooner or later, and how did the matter in whatever is called … Continue reading “Nothing, Something, Everything”

Comprehending Nothing Without God

Question from Topher: First time asking here, so I have a lot of questions, and I apologize in advance… [snip – SmartLX] Thanks! Answer by SmartLX: I’ve moved your questions into my section for easy reading, without editing them. The answers will be the quick-and-dirty ones because we’ve covered them many times before. Search the … Continue reading “Comprehending Nothing Without God”

There’s Nothing, And Then There’s NOTHING

Question from Cherry: I’ve heard the theory from Krauss about how you get something from nothing, but if you don’t have multiverses, laws, quantum mechanics, vacuums, particles, empty space, energy, matter, infinite singularity, or potential how can something come into existence? I’ve heard the whole thing about when antimatter and matter cancels itself out or … Continue reading “There’s Nothing, And Then There’s NOTHING”

Thermodynamics (it’s not what you think)

Question from Anon: Hi, I’m engaged in a discussion with a Christian friend of mine who has presented this syllogism to me: “1. Simply put, if there is no external cause of the universe, then the universe is either eternal or self-created. 2. But, it is cosmologically ridiculous and anti-scientific (i.e. against laws of thermodynamics) … Continue reading “Thermodynamics (it’s not what you think)”

The Reach of Original Sin

Question from Tim: LX, I’m interested in your thoughts about something: I’ve been thinking about crime and punishment lately for separate reasons from religion, but a related religious connotation entered my mind recently that I think needs exploring, and I’d like your thoughts on it. As it relates to Christianity (and many other religions as … Continue reading “The Reach of Original Sin”

Just Being Around a Box Jellyfish Is a Near Death Experience Anyway

Question from Jay: Hello, I was wondering what you thought of Ian McCormack’s NDE testimony, this is a man who claims he was swimming in the ocean in Mauritius, was stung by a box jellyfish, died, went to hell, was then given a second chance, shown heaven, etc. He claims that he has been retelling … Continue reading “Just Being Around a Box Jellyfish Is a Near Death Experience Anyway”

NDEs: One Man’s Last Bastion of Belief

Question from Kamil: Is it worth it to believe in religion if the only reason I have to believe is NDEs? I mean, I know you might say no one can tell me what to believe, and I can’t choose what to believe, but the thing is, the nearest NDE study coming out that is … Continue reading “NDEs: One Man’s Last Bastion of Belief”