Direct and To the Point

Question from May: why dont you believe in GOD Answer by SmartLX: I’m not sure anyone’s ever asked me this on the site without coupling it with an argument or challenge. There are a few different parts to it, or if you prefer it could be interpreted a couple of different ways, so I’ll try … Continue reading “Direct and To the Point”

A Simple Question About Complexity (and Design)

Question from Sean: Hey, I’m wondering, what is your take on the complexity of the human body and the design of the universe? Answer by SmartLX: It’s over here, for starters. My Great Big Arguments series serves as an extended FAQ for common approaches by believers, and this is one of those approaches. Just one, … Continue reading “A Simple Question About Complexity (and Design)”

Help With Your Homework

Question from Sheena: Hello, I’m currently studying Year 10. I would like to ask you a few questions with my Religion major assignment. If it’s okay. Here are the questions: 1. What is your name? 2. What is the reason you became an Atheist? Hoping for your immediate response. Answer by SmartLX: Sure it’s okay … Continue reading “Help With Your Homework”

What About Judaism?

Question from : Shalom all, I see that you focus on many religions, but haven’t seen anything on Judaism. I wonder what your opinion might be on it, and, if to someone, if the be Torah divine. To me it is, but I’d like to hear any arguments against it, not that I may refute … Continue reading “What About Judaism?”

The Determination Of The Universe

Question from Alejandro: Message: I was debating (not formally) in my university about the existence of a god, and we ended up in the topic of determinism. My theist opposition argued that determinism would prove the existence of (their) god, that it would prove that, say, life was determined to exist by physics and chemistry, … Continue reading “The Determination Of The Universe”

Good Reasons To Believe

Question from Adam: What is the best (in your opinion) argument that you have ever heard or had thrown at you about the credibility/correctness of the Bible? Obviously the Bible is full of crap, but, I’m trying to understand why a person would ever believe in it (logically). Not just from indoctrination, or blind faith, … Continue reading “Good Reasons To Believe”

What A Wonderful…World

Question from Camary: How do you think you’re here today? Question from Devon: With no belief in God or Creation, how do you explain the beauty of this world? Question from Ethan: How can you think something so complex, something so wonderful as the world can be made out of a big bang? Answer by … Continue reading “What A Wonderful…World”

Irreducible Complexity and Irredeemable Credulity

Question from Tomas: What is your take on Irreducible Complexity? From what I have read, it appears to be Intelligent Design in a new wrapper but it does have some new arguments to it. Also, it seems like any new religious “hypothesis” on the existence of God (or any god) is an old one that … Continue reading “Irreducible Complexity and Irredeemable Credulity”

I Don’t Get No Respect, No Respect At All

Question from Patrick: I’m fifteen years old, so obviously, living in their house, I still have to do as they say. Because of this, I still go to church with them and all that, although I do tell them that singing and dancing and all that are things that I’m uncomfortable with. In church, if … Continue reading “I Don’t Get No Respect, No Respect At All”

Atheism and Islam

Question from Michael: I have a few friends of mine who were discussing Islam with me. They had points to defend Islam such as; Predictions about scientific phenomenons that were not discovered till this century or the century before. They also have points like the validity of the Quran as its literature is of high … Continue reading “Atheism and Islam”