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ATA was created in 2006 for the Rational Response Squad, famous for the Blasphemy Challenge and their Nightline debate with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. In 2009 we archived the original site and moved to a new platform, which is where we are today.

I’m here to answer any questions or challenges you might have for atheists in general, along with site founder Jake. We’ve been around long enough already that it’s worth checking whether your question has already been answered, but we’re happy to tread old ground for new readers.

Welcome to Ask the Atheist. Ask away.

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5 thoughts on “The Story So Far”

  1. Please help me. My Mom and Dad died in July, 11 days apart. I have been a Lutheran all my my life. My daughter laughs at my belief in God. I don’t know if I believe anymore. I am all alone. This is Christmas Eve. Everybody hates me. I have no food, not even toilet paper. I don’t feel my parents. Since they died, I am not sure how I feel about Jesus. I feel like I am going to throw up just saying this. Should I just kill myself now? I am afraid of Hell. But I am a scientific person. This is so hard. If there is no God, I have no reason to be here. Please help me, you guys. If we are no different than insects, we are just a product of evolution and when we die we are just gone– please tell me. I don’t want to be here anymore. Sorry about my spelling- I am legally blind. I am waiting for somebody to talk to me I will sit and wait for you. My God doesn’t hear me.

    1. Sorry Marilyn, first-time commenters are moderated. No need to resubmit though, we’ll get to you.

      First things first: if you’re out of basic necessities like food and hygiene products, you need to go to a shelter or charity and ask for help. If you can access the internet then you can look up available resources in your local area that will at least keep you from starving and living in your own filth. See to your physical needs or you won’t have a chance to sort out your spiritual problems.

      If there is no God, the reasons you had for living which were based on God are not valid, but that doesn’t mean you have no reason at all or can’t find a new reason. Like any devout Christian you have some entrenched secondary beliefs that certain things are empty or even impossible without God, but if God is gone and they persist then they never really needed Him.

      It’s up to you what to choose as your new purpose at any given moment, and a great place to start would be your daughter. Connect with her, repair your relationship with her if necessary, help her if you can. Don’t bring up religion if she doesn’t, but if it does come up then be honest about your doubts. This will be the most straightforward way to escape the idea that absolutely everyone hates you, by reclaiming what remains of your own family.

      If we cease to exist when we die, suicide is a terrible idea. You won’t go to Hell, but you will lose the only life you’ll ever have and you’ll never have a chance to achieve anything again. You can’t just bail out and wake up somewhere else; if there is anything you still want then this is the life to get it in. Get help, get back on your feet, see how much better you can make this life.

      Good luck, keep us updated if you like. We hope you make it.

  2. Marylin, please call a suicide hotline and talk to someone. Sometimes events can pile on a person all at once and our outlook can get very dark and things seem hopeless. Things aren’t hopeless. Don’t give up. Look up a hotline and talk to a professional. Take care of your immediate needs first before trying to seek answers here. Wishing you the best.

  3. trustNjesus, dear.
    Meet me Upstairs.
    Let’s getta Big-Ol beer…
    gotta lotta tok bout.

    God bless you.
    Still time, girl.

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