Mary in the Sun

Question from Jacob:
Hey, a friend showed me this video. I’d like to know what you think.

Answer by SmartLX:
Looks fascinating, whatever it is.

It’s a pity this footage is the best we have. It was in 2011 but that’s still well into the age of smartphones. The shape that appears within the sun varies in its prominence, and at times seems to move slightly relative to other objects. I’m not inclined to think the video itself is a complete hoax, as the reactions of those present seem genuine enough. Without really knowing what the image actually looked like in detail, we can say very little about its source, so there’s no telling whether it was naturally or deliberately generated somehow.

The conclusion the local Roman Catholics (majority religion of the southern Ivory Coast) immediately drew was that it was an apparition of the Virgin Mary. People from another area might have interpreted it very differently, as the impression one gets is merely of a robed, hooded figure. Regardless of who it resembled, given that this was seven years ago widespread belief does not seem to have been significantly influenced by it, so as a hypothetical, literal sign from God it does appear to have failed in whatever large-scale goal it had.

Quite apart from everything else, I hope no one’s vision was damaged by staring directly at the centre of the sun for as long as the image appeared.

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  1. the question of the origin of energy, mother of matter, has it scientific answer as that energy and matter have no origin, they are the essence of the universe, without cause, they have been here forever in the past and will be forever in the future, even if they kinda vanish, they can reappear out of kinda nothing, because the universe has never been a nothing, i call it pregnant nothing, pregnant with something, energy and it consequence, matter. we are of matter, all living creatures, as are non living ones, like stones.
    so far so good.
    now, theists say nothing can become out of nothing, causality law and determinism, so, energy was created by an intelligent force with a purpose.
    i beg your pardon.
    if energy and matter cannot become out of nothing, neither can god.
    plus, it is impossible that a force has intelligence, will and intention, purpose. these are attributes of material brain.
    ours and even of some animals.
    not of a force theists call god.
    so, since energy and matter, according to theists cannot become out of nothing, they are being asked by atheists to answer the simple question about the origin of god, and of energy and matter.
    they cannot answer this question because of their belief that nothing can become of nothing, so cannot their god, either.
    the conclusion should be, if one is intelligent, knowledgeable enough and with integrity and not self delusional.
    so, no, there is no god.
    now, science has to answer the same question.
    it has. god is excluded from their answer because forces must have their origin, AND don’t have intelligence, intention, purpose.
    so, they conclude with the only possible, remaining answer, that energy and matter are forever in the past and future, they never BECOME, they ARE.
    it sounds impossible.
    but so does god solution.
    and who is to judge around the question about energy and matter having no beginning, no source, now cause.
    humans can’t, because our brains developed on the Earth, with its earthly laws of physics, and thus our brains are incapable of fathoming that something, yes, did not become of nothing, but IS. MATTER IS, OR RATHER, ORIGIN IS.
    now we have reached at the video hoax.
    it i not unnatural because there are no unnatural phenomena, and mary the virgin hahaha is not a natural phenomen but a lie. she had sperm around the entrance of her vagina, or on her fingers or anybody else’ near to her vagina.
    btw it is not proven fact that jesus chist ever existed, lived, much less that he was semi or demi god, and rose after his death.
    and even if he ever lived and was curssified by the romans for saying bad things abut their ‘good’ state there, it is sure he either never died on the cross, or if he did, he did not reappear.
    furthermore, if he did exist and was crussified by bad romans, and ‘roe’ from the cave they put him in with only a stone and two guards protecting the ‘grave’, and then he with a little help of his non virgin mom, dads were the priests she had worked for, and some of his friends, he had many because he was lying them about heaven and stuff, justice and other nice things, after death, hahaha, then when he came out of the cave and continued to make fun of the roman, they killed him, this time for good.
    sorry, i am so angry at the theists that i will not make corrections for my typos, because it is obviously it is only I as an atheist that read this stuff. pity, because if atheists too read this, the site would be much better…

    1. Niki, if life could not come from nothing, yet life is, then life is what the figment of someone’s, not alive, imagination?

      Either life has always been, or it was created. And that means, “God”. And if life was created then it was created by a being that transcends the laws that we are governed by. Which means that He is eternal.

      1. i was not talking about LIFE but about ENERGY AND MATTER.
        Life was a piece of cake to appear once there was matte around, cooled down enough. Some billions of years passed, yes, but still piece of cake for NATURE with its LAWS OF PHYSICS.
        Yes, it has always been, but you mixed up matter with life. ts, ts, ts.

          Please note the first paragraphs mentioning of the conundrum what came first the chicken or the egg. In this case it is necessity of the DNA/RNA and proteins that must be present in order for a cell to be made. And without this there would be no cell. And since the RNA and DNA are essentially information, then this could not have been evolved into.

          1. the first to come was a sexless one cell organisms that cloned themselves, or rather divided themselves in to, for multiplication. but since in the presence of new environment for the daughters of the original mum-cell, all of them died if the change was for the worse. so evolution found way, i don’t know how it happened, probably by mutation or chance, as it did all the time with other new traits in living organisms, by introducing the Y chromosome, so some organisms had X, females and others Y, males. when they united, egg and sperm, then the children of theirs were different one from the other, so in case of dire changes of the surroundings, not all of them died, as in the case of division multiplication, where all the ‘children’ were coppies of the mother cell, and identical not only with her but among each other.
            so, it is actually the EGG that was the first, the original one cell organism, which we can treat as the beginning of the chain. from that one with the help of Y chromosome, i.e. another organism, there came CHICKEN

          2. Oh yes they could have, but ask of how, the relevant scientist, RICHARD DAWKINS, NOT SMARTLX AND ME. hahaha

          3. If you think that I would read anything that starts with the word ‘creation’, you are very naive, and have no idea what an ATHEIST really is. I suggest you read a little about atheists.

        2. Niki, one of the laws of physics states that the total amount of energy in a closed system can not be created nor destroyed. Just changed from one form to another. (in an enclosed system)
          You state that “nature” made it all possible. But there was no nature, (coming from natural, or what just had to happen because it has always been happening), but the process of what happened was not a natural process. It had not happened before, or else there are different universes, which if this is a possibility then all of the surmising or speculations thus far put forth by the astrophysicists are blown out of the water. The speculations already made are tenuous at best right now. But if the process of the Big Bang, was a natural occurring one, then it would have been happening since for ever. And this calls all speculations into question.

          And this is one of the mistakes of the evolutionists when they speculate that one life came to be and then that one life came to be all the other kinds of organisms. They don’t know this is possible and not that many came at one time. Either by accident or by creation. They fail to take this into their factoring of what could have happened. Thus all of the their reasoning is invalid.

          1. EVOLUTIONISTS are more intelligent and educated in their fields that you give them credit for, and especially than you.

            So, will you please tell me your formal education, level and kind?

            I am not asking for your I.Q, but that would help me to evaluate your credentials for talking about the UNIVERSE & EVOLUTION.

            1. I never said they aren’t intelligent. But the Evolutionists are saying that the scientists who support Creationism, are not as smart as they are. They are the ones who brush aside evidence that the Creationists provide and completely disregard it. They don’t even consider their the arguments they provide. Look how they completely make light of the tissue, found in fossils. Instead of asking “Could it be that we are wrong about the age of the earth”. They admit only that “maybe we are wrong about how long it takes for tissue to completely to disintegrate and completely fossilize.?
              This even though there are so many things that point to a young earth. Things that completely blows an old earth speculation out of the water. Or at least should cause them to take another look at the young earth.

              And this second look at Creationism, is what has caused those who have left the ranks of the evolutionists, to accept either the Intelligent Design theory, and God.

              But if you don’t agree, lets be civil and talk each point and provide the why’s and why not’s.

              1. RELIGIOSITY and RACISM
                are, statistically, directly LINKED to/with
                LOW I.Q. and EDUCATION.
                DEAL with it.

      2. This is NOT a reply specific to your post above, BUT a general one.


        is, essentially, that SCIENCE cannot, or hasn’t explained,

        or, in yours and of other low scientifically educated and, even, of low I.Q. THEISTS, or even of learned and intelligent enough ones, but who LACK enough I.Q. and RELEVANT in the field knowledge and understanding and even their CHARACTER TRAITS, as are


        to admit and ACCEPT that there is DEATH forever, no after life,

        YOUR PERCEPTION of what science says about the possibility of existence of ‘god’, as explanation for the




        i.e., that, if you DON’T KNOW the origin, cause of something, or whatever other, i.e., if, usually lay,

        HUMANS CANNOT, FAIL TO EXPLAIN SOMETHING, then logically follows the only conclusion, explanation is…’GOD’.


        But, the fact that some humans don’t know something, are ignorant of its scientific explanation, if EVEN SCIENCE itself doesn’t know the answer, yet, or forever, since humans’ brains are just as intelligent,

        DOES N O T MEAN that ‘G O D’ is the answer,

        but, it simply means that they DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER, and not that god is the answer to their query.


  2. No, I’m afraid that you haven’t realized that life is matter. Life is composed of three forms of matter, solid, liquid and gas. Biology has laws also. And one is that life comes from life. I mentioned this little tidbit to you once before. You alluded to how matter came to be, but forgot to delve into the question just how life was made distinct from inanimate matter? What caused the atoms and molecules to assemble into a cell? Where did the energy come from that quickened the inanimate into the animate?
    Life, is the animate. And the quickening of the inanimate into animate could only have been achieved by an intelligence. One that developed the cell, after He developed the molecular pieces. I’m telling you design is only accomplished by intelligent beings. And God is intelligence incarnate.
    You were not talking about life, and yet life is. It is not inconceivable that because there is life, there is matter. And since you mentioned energy, the cell is able to utilize energy more efficiently than anything we have ever dreamed of.

    1. this comment of yours proves how low iq you have, thinking that i don’t know that living organisms are matter. you are very stupid. very. veeeery.

  3. This has also been explained by science, the pass from non living matter in living. But you read wrong literature. How stupid of you, cowardly, because you are afraid you will found out your wife is cheating on you, so you are asking her sister about it, not the non biased witnesses of her cheating on you.

  4. Hold on their buba luie. Even you must realize that your first words from thought, or lack there of, to screen, “the first to come was a sexless one cell organisms that cloned themselves”,can not be valid. Why, because no one knows, When, how, why or from what.
    All of this needs to be realized, before making blanket statements.

    But there is a way to test your theory. Let’s see if what you said happened is happening.
    Tell me if there is not any process or practice, that has been happening for thousands of years,from any living organism, that is not happening today. We know that bacteria, are still acting like bacteria. They are reproducing the same way that has been seen since bacteria was discovered. The same for every other organism.

    So if you think that what you think is how it all happened, then why don’t we see it happening today?
    Surely if some organism could have arranged to do what you think before then why not today?
    Either from nothing, chemicals, or how that first one was able to procreate.

    And please remember that even though your natural selection had to have been instigated to serve some survival necessity, but there also had to have been a source from which your natural selection could select. There had to have been a reason for every organism that produced a young or a copy of itself, to suddenly decide to require a male and female to reproduce a young.

    Now barring the supposition that this organism that divided and reproduced, simply wanted the “pleasure” derived from copulation, it would seem that to divide and reproduce would be the best form of surviving. And there would be no new, information that would suddenly push the process of cellular division, into the one where a separate male and female to do so.
    Why not would it not have been a step in the wrong direction to have to depend upon two, a male and female, to reproduce, but where did the new information in the DNA come from, to tell it how to do it, and provide the mechanism to be able to do it.

    And not only this. But if this would have taken millions of evolutionary years to effect said process, how could this first organism survived waiting for all of this to happen? Why just waiting for the maturity of the male and female, would alone have killed off the organism.
    But look what would now be necessary to happen to permit reproduction from a male and female. All the extra piping, and tunneling. New blood vessels, and arteries. Tubing to carry in O2 and take out the waste. Tubing to carry in nutrients, and to carry out waste.

    And this is not to mention the changes if DNA. The copy from the male and the copy from the female. How what was decided was coming from one or the other. How both would work out to work together.

    What you are blowing off, is the intricacies, that itself would demand an intelligence to work out.
    Not something that could have happened and done so successfully all by accident. It just could not have happened. Not for just one, the first ever one, organism to become, and certainly not for it to change from one to two, and then procreate. There is toooooo much of impossibility in between the impossibilities, of just not happening.

    Please let go of your prejudices, which are preventing you and others who aren’t reasoning rightly, from being able to see the error of your evolution.

    Please think about this rationally. You’ll see that life did not begin by itself. And neither did it just begin from one lone beginning almost organism, and then evolve into becoming a cell, and then that cell changed its programming into becoming each and every kind of organism. There were all the representations of all the different kinds or types or classes which are around today. Those which reproduced through cellular division, and those which needed the combined cellular division, from a male and female to reproduce. And the ones in between.

    So once again. God did it.

    1. I didn’t read, and will not, this RANT of s yours. I consider them CRAP, having in mind what EINSTEIN and HAWKING, the greatest minds of the theoretic physics, thought of your ‘god’. You disgust me. Please leave me alone. You have no idea what you are talking about, you, FOOL.

  5. YOU BORE ME, don’t you see, please stop discussing matters that you in my opinion have no needed I.Q, and/or relevant education. I don’t want to discuss anything with a theist. I dislike you lot so much that it makes me a bigot, but it’s your fault. Simply leave me alone and talk with other theists.

    1. Niki, don’t you see, you need Christ. Just like I need Christ. God is the only one who can take this hatred out of your heart. He has done it for everyone who has placed their lives in His hands.
      I can see it in your post. You want to believe. But you find it hard to.
      I can give up on you, God forbid that I would. But He will only send someone else. Because He loves you tooo much.

      Niki, just give Him the chance. I have and He has not ever given up on me. He has changed me. He has changed millions. And you are not an impossibility to Him. Just go to Him.

      I will be praying for you.

      1. No, I need no ‘Christ’, nor ‘Allah’, nor any such ‘person’, because he, either never lived, or, if he ever lived, was no ‘god’, nor rose from his cave grave from death, for the simple reason that ‘god’ is scientifically impossible to exist, but is an imaginary entity, crated by people of low i.q. and even lower education, like yourself, afraid of inevitability and finality of death.

        What I do need is that you get off of my cloud and stay there for good.

  6. You don’t know that when slavery was rampant in the South of these United States, that it was the “Religious” who made it there business to aid the Slaves to escape. There are the religious, and then there the truly Religious.
    The same goes for the early Scientists. They were Religious, before the Atheists joined calling themselves scientists who believe evolution.

    1. I never said religion is bad, it is, but it does some good, to, it’s just that ‘god’ does not exist, but poor, stupid and uneducated folks need it.

      Also, here you are proving my point, that NOT I, BUT YOU NEED CHRIST, you said it yourself, and, please don’t pray for me, because, it is, again, unfortunately for you and all praying people, statistically, proven that prayer does not change reality a bit, except the one of the praying fool, who thinks s/he is doing something good and useful, usually to help own self.

      But, you are the most unlikely person that can help me in any way, to the contrary, you are doing me harm by unnerving me, the instant I see your name on this atheists’ site. What I need is much more money, love and heath of own self and the folks I love. Not your prayers. hahaha

    2. scientist were religious, darwin was, before science took over with its discoveries of nature and evolution.
      since then only stupid and cowardly ‘scientists’ are religious, because they cannot fathom the fact that nowdays serious scientist are sure of, that matter has existed forever in the past, does at present, and will in future, and even if it vanishes it will come back into existence because the universe is full of the particles that are the stuff matter came from. they simply cannot fathom that aristotelian logic of causality of virtually everything does not apply to the origin of matter. the religious folks will say that the same applies to the non causality of god’s origin, yes, but there the similarity ceases because matter does not need nor does have intelligence and volition with purpose and goal, of creating planets and later live and even later humans, all traits of god that the religious believe god has, which is grossly ridiculous, believing that non material entity has volition of creating the universe from matter that it previously crated. VOLITION IS POSSIBLE ONLY IN MATERIAL BRAIN, i told you that before, but you are psychotic with psychosis that religion is. lunatic.

    3. if humans had only reason but no emotions, like robot, then they would never have invented ‘god’. it came from their fear of death and injustice and hardship of life. it is impossible to exist. read the following google first page of the request ‘GOD IS IMPOSSIBLE TO EXIST’. or, if you cannot download the link, google yourself the above request.

      1. Once again Niki, you presume to be an expert on something that you could not be an expert in. There is no way that you can know if God is because of our fears.
        As a matter of fact, fears are based upon legends of some kind. Not truly of the “unknown”. But of that which has been heard, or experienced.

        God has been from before the beginning. This is why God is a part of all cultures. This may not be exactly true in all, but this is because of the breakdown in communication. Knowledge of Him broke down over time. But He keeps trying to let us know that He is.

  7. Niki, who told you God does not exist? Did you go from one end of the Universe to the next and found no trace of God. Are you sure that when you left the one part of the Universe that you failed to see God coming from the other side?

    For that matter, since we are corporeal, we may not be able to see, with our eyes, God. And since there are so many who, testify that they have “felt” His presence, that what we can not see with our eyes, we can sense in another way. As I stated before, “space” is not the only “final frontier”. Our minds, our beings are far from being completely explored. You should be willing to accept this as a possibility.
    So many times as someone felt something and decided not to board a plane. A boat. When a parent on one side of the planet, or even in a different room, suddenly have the thought to call or check on their child, and found that there was something wrong. Or a twin, who has a pain when the other cuts them self or falls.

    There are way too many things that we can not explain, God being the greatest.

  8. Niki. You know what? You completely don’t understand that evolution doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    I know that you know that life has been observed to only come from life. I know that you know that what ever little almost life has been developed in a laboratory, has been eked out by some of our most intelligent of our scientists. Intelligence made just the remotest almost prerequisites of what we assume life is made of. And they have done this by controlling and begging it to live.

    Ok, you think that those who believe in God are doing so against all odds. But what are the evolutionists believing in. An assumption, one that has been shown to be invalid. This has been seen over and over again over thousands of years. And each second of each minute, of each hour, of each day, over weeks and months and years times every time another organism is born, the invalidity of this assumption is being trumpeted over and over again. Life comes only from life. I believe you are not aware of what life is. What it takes to be life. You take it, life for granted. You no not of what you are thinking could have happened without the aid of an Intelligence. I think you are the one who needs to take a course of biology and dig down deep into what life would have had to go through just to be life. And then you need a course in biology to see that your assumptions that one life could have “evolved” into all other life, when this assumption is also shown to be a contradiction by biology. When it is seen that any and all life is governed by the strictest laws locked within each cell. A law that governs what each cell is going to turn out to be. And there is nothing that we can do, save shutting that cell down by destruction, that can prevent that cell from carrying out the command code of each cell of kind, type, or class of organism.
    It is a shame that you can not see the beauty that is staring you in the face.

  9. gerald you are an incompetent fool and that is all i have to say to you. i can’t understand why you can’t understand that i don’t want to discuss scientific matter with an incompetent fool as you are. but you can’t. so the only solution for me is to nicely ask you to not any more address any of your stupid posts here to me. say what you want to whoever you want but not me. i will not repeat the reason for saying that you are an incompetent fool because you cannot understand that, how could you, being an incompetent fool. but anyone else who reads your rants can see that, this is why no one else is talking to you. thank you

  10. Well Niki, the only way for you to STOP, me from addressing you, is either realize that you are wrong, about evolution, and that you have accepted Christ as your Savior, or simply stop posting your erroneous beliefs. As long as you are doing so, the truth must be told. And by God’s grace I, or someone else will always be here to act as a beacon to those searching for “truth”. You see, it is not you that I am fighting against. It is your error. So don’t take it personally. You are a child of God, even if you don’t realize it.
    Oh. I’m sorry, there is one other way YOU can stop me. And that is by providing the proof that you and so many other evolutionists claim to be. Where is that “mountain of evidence” so frequently mentioned. That evidence that is supposed to be, “uncontroversial”. Yet I and others present the truth that causes you to reel back on your heels, and become belligerent. Present the truth, that point to the holes in the logic of your reasoning, that shows that your speculation of evolution, can not stand under its own power, on its own 2 or however many legs it has evolved to have.

    Give me this proof Niki and see if I can pick it apart or if I will humbly mute postings into oblivion.

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