I Asked For Questions, And I Received

Question from Rachel:
1. What is it like to be an atheist? How does it feel?
2. What is it like to celebrate holidays like Easter?
3. What is your favorite color?

Answer by SmartLX:
1. Atheism provokes a few different feelings at different times. Remembering my former Catholicism, it’s a relief to no longer worry about Hell, or else a god working against my aims in life. In a group of mostly (nominally) religious people, which is most groups, it can feel isolating, especially given the possibility that being open about your atheism will immediately turn some people against you. Considering the population at large, I feel a great concern that not only are the majority very likely to be wrong about their gods, but that some of their efforts to please those gods are wasted – or actively harming people.

2. Widely observed, traditionally religious holidays like Easter usually have secular components that anyone can enjoy. Easter has the bunny and the chocolate, Christmas has Santa and the general urge towards parties and togetherness, Halloween has the whole spooky angle and so forth. I make the most of these aspects, and of course the vacation time if applicable, and don’t begrudge the religious their observances.

3. Green, with deep blue a close second. I try not to read into it.

24 thoughts on “I Asked For Questions, And I Received”

  1. I hope you don’t mind that I, as well, answer your questions, because I, too, am a HARD CORE ATHEIST, from my birth.


    So, for start, RELIGION is a form a DELUSION.

    Most people have many other delusions, myself including, thou I am aware of mine, thus they cease being delusions, but RELIGION IS THE WORST OF ALL, because it makes one NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR OWN LIFE.

    A religious person is delusional in that there is an ALL KNOWING, ALL GOOD AND ALL MIGHTY, sky daddy, that takes care of the ones that believe he is there. but not of us the atheists, without any whatsoever proof of its existence.

    And, what’s most important, and the real reason people believe there is god is that the priests of every religion tell them the LIE that they will live for ever, even after their bodies’ death and rotting, as if there is human SOUL that can survive out bodies’ death.

    But, there is no such thing, nor life after death. NO, NO, NO.

    So, I know I will die forever, once I do. You believe you will live forever.

    Ha, ha, ha !!!

    This is the major difference between you and me, a religious person and an atheist, that I KNOW I WILL DIE FOREVER, WHILE YOU (PRETEND) YOU WON’T.

    So, your question is probably around to WHAT IT FEELS LIKE for an atheist to know that s/he will die once and for eternity. FOREVER.

    Well, not nice, but I try not to think of this too much and live WHILE I AM HERE. L I V E .

    But, I AM SURE that no, let’s say normally religious, person believes that they will live forever.

    So, the REAL difference between you and me is that you, thou we both know there is no life after death, delude yourself there is, while I don’t.

    Thus, WHO do you think is HAPPIER, you, who know you are deluding yourself around after-death life, or I, who am not?

    Deluded person cannot be happy in my opinion because s/he knows they delude themselves.

    As for celebrating ‘Easter’, it is as much a LIE as is celebrating ‘Christmas’, because Christmas is a birthday celebration of a person who most probably never lived, and if he did, was certainly no god, but just a LIAR, or PSYCHOTIC, or both, and, also, possibly, a good person, while Easter is even worse, because if Christ ever lived and was crucified, he either did not die on the cross, or if died, did not rise from the dead.

    To believe there is god and after death life and resurrection, is an


    Finally, most people prefer BLUE to all other colors, and turquoise, which is something between blue and green.

    If that matters…

    I hope I satisfactorily answered all the three queries of yours and that you will this instant now and immediately stop believing in CRAP and become a human being worth of the name of our species


    1. Niki. As I said you don’t know about religion. All you have is what you have heard from someone else. Not having studied for yourself. And I’m not talking about from an earthly teacher.
      First religion is the most stringent of teachers. It requires you to take account for your own actions. You must first recognize your errors and then you must surrender to Christ. At which time once you come to Him and give yourself to Him, then you not only know right from wrong, having been exposed to those rights and wrongs, from His Word, but then you have the responsibility to allow God to give you the strength to live a life that will glorify Him. You know where the power comes from to resist evil. Therefore you have no excuse but to not give in to temptation. Unlike those who do not recognize any power over them but the one that they can hide from, to do what they want. So you see. A Christian, has no excuse. We must obey, or we really don’t love God.
      And this contradicts your understanding about God not caring for the Atheist. Please read Matthew 5:45. ” that ye may be the children of your Father who is in Heaven. For He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”

      God offers us every opportunity to see that He is the only way to eternal life. He is trying to show us that to not do as He asks means that we are not living in the way that would best suit us.
      And it is not the religious who will receive eternal life. Religion has nothing to do with eternal life. Eternal life depends upon the type of relationship we allow God to form with us. This is not religion. Religion is nothing more than a study of God. Salvation is the real vibrant relationship we maintain with God. And this is not a delusion. It is more real than anything else that we can do.
      No one is born an Atheist. In fact we never even think about believing or not in God until we are able to think abstractly. And so your opinion of God is derived from your surroundings and from those who surround you. If they fail to teach and live as they should then your idea of God is warped.

      And finally, to not know God, is the insult to our intelligence. To force yourself to not believe in the God that has created you. The one that has placed inside you the desire to seek Him, like the salmon and Monarch, seeks to return to where they were first formed. That is insanity. Sure you attempt to use other things to satisfy this yearning. But that is why, all else fails. That is why you will never find the peace that you seek. Because you refuse to recognize what you inner being is trying to tell you.
      It’s a shame you are wasting so much of your life rejecting the obvious. God created you. And even though it is hard for you right now to give in to God, there is nothing too hard for the Lord. No. Really.
      He said this in Genesis 18: 14. He said it in Jeremiah 32:27. ““Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there any thing too hard for Me?”
      And In Luke 18: 27 He tells us. “27 And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” You see God, because He made man, knows man has limitations. And He knows He as God can do what man thinks is impossible.
      So you see. If you wanted to. You too can know Him. it takes just one thought. One quick prayer. And He will answer you. He will even help you with your faith. All you need to do is ask. No one is too far gone. Not me, not you. No one. All we need to do is ask. I hope you do.

      1. gerald i dont want to know about religion because it is an empty subject all i need to know is that there is no god so that i dont want to read about believing in something non existent. simple as that.

      2. RELIGION IS THE INSULT TO INTELLIGENCE not not knowing about god because there is nothing to know about. i believe you are stupid. you asked for this, pushing your silly religion on this site. leave me alone

  2. No wonder you are an Atheist SmartLx. I would be too if I had the poor idea of the Bible and God that you have. God is not working against you and your aims. That is unless your aims are to be the worst possible person you can be. This is God’s desire for you and for everyone who He has created.

    “11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29.
    Now I can’t see how this would turn you off of God. You have the wrong concept of God. He is loving and not tyrannical. He is just.
    And I would like to point out your view of hell is also skewed. It is a faulty picture provided from those who do not correctly understand the Bible.
    God does not send anyone to hell when they die. For that matter no one goes to heaven either. The Bible says that all go to sleep at death. John 11:11; Ecclesiastes 9:5;

    Here is a site, with an exhaustive view of what I am saying clearly showing that there were those who translated some Bible texts but doing so allowing what they thought the text should say, instead of what the actual translations should be.

    So I hope that this will aid you so that you can stop using what is a lie about God, to help you remain an Atheist, and you can become one for the right reasons instead.

    1. You are wrong again, I, too, feel your ‘god’ is against me, when he is a PATRIARCHAL PIG AND MANY OTHER NASTY THINGS THAT HE IS.

      Read the paragraph full of ugly adjectives that RICHARD DAWKINS wrote about your ‘god’, in his ‘GOD DELUSION’, all of them based on the very bubble, sorry, babble, oh, again SORRY, bible, that describes what god does, thinks, orders…

      A BASTARD.

      1. PS. I did not read your post, crap is crap, whatever you name it.

        1. Well then why even respond? What are you hoping to gain? I already know your position. Could it be, that you are not as sure as you think. Is there something, someone inside, that is pressing you. Trying to get through that hard heart of yours? I think so. In fact I know so. Because the Bible tells us that God does not anyone to be lost. So He will go to any length to save you. And I know that His Holy Spirit is calling you. Stop running and allow Him to save you. You won’t regret it.

          1. i am responding to a silly religious person, you, for the sake of other readers, not yours because i know you will never change your mind, too intoxicating. please stop making a fool of yourself i feel sorry for you and at the same time despise you

      2. Niki. Please stop depending upon what others have said and go to the source yourself. I already showed you what God Himself said about how He felt about everyone. Even you. Even as you feel as you feel.
        So God tells us that He loves us. And wants nothing but the best for us. But He can only do as much as we allow.
        Feelings are just that feelings. And many times they are built upon wrong information. As is what Richard Dawkins has provided.
        Please read David Sloan Wilson’s analysis of Richard Dawkins’s book. He is an “EVOLUTIONARY” biologist. https://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/07-07-04/



        Now I don’t want you to slink off into the shadows. That is not my goal. But you do need to stop using others to do your own thinking. At least you shouldn’t just use those who you feel support your own views. Get is all from both sides would you please.

        1. you are REALLY stupid. i know where i would go if i wanted it but i dont want your religion nor the religious just like i dont want the crap

      1. Just how many feel as you and your friend Richard? And how many Christians who don’t feel as you do? Just why are they not finding what you and your friend Richard find in God?

        For one thing. Much of what is recorded in the Bible, is just that, recorded. It’s historical. It is not what God said or what He did.
        If and when the history of our time is printed, and those in the future, read it. Are they going to say, it was God that did what we did. Are they going to say that God told us to do it?

        And this from a Quora supplier, although not entirely accepted by me, gives a clearer idea than yours as to who God is. (https://www.quora.com/Is-Richard-Dawkins-description-of-god-incorrect)

        1. QUANTITY and NUMBERS are NOT the SAME as QUALITY.

          Geniuses and atheists are few.

          Lions and tigers are few. Insects and the religious are many.

          Richard made the adjectives for god’s character based on the bible.

          1. No. He missed God’s attributes. Here is what God’s true attributes are. “6 The Lord passed before him and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness, 7 keeping steadfast love for thousands,[a] forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, but who will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation.” Exodus 34.
            And here is another one. 1 John 4:8 “Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”
            You have been duped into believing what you think about God. Read His Word to find out who God really is. He is not what you think.

            1. please stuff yourself with your stupid god
              please give up nobody wants your thoughts about god

          The RELIGIOUS and INSECTS are MANY.
          ATHEISTS and GENIUSES few.

    1. As “one”. What? An atheists? Now you are simply destroying your case. Being illogical, Niki.

      1. no, my sentence made no much sense because i forgot to type the word ‘atheist’. i said i was born one instead of saying i was born as atheist. i thought the word ‘one’ would imply ‘atheist’ from the previous sentence but later saw that it didn’t. english is not my native tongue.

      2. As for the bible being factual or not, I was not referring to THAT, nor was Richard, when he described god with such ugly adjectives.
        Richard made his list of god’s personality traits from the words about god or god’s words cited in the bible.
        No personal opinion of Richard’s or mine, just facts about god’s character traits about which Richard and I drew conclusions from what god says and does in the bible.
        As for my words that god is a patriarchal pig, just consider that the bible says god firstly made man and then only woman from a rib of man.
        But, Gerald, the scientific reality is exactly the opposite.
        Female sex is the basic one and we all, borh women AND MEN, start as FEMALE embryos, this is why men have tits, because men their embryonal development as women, so they develop tits before their Y chromosome, of males, informs mom’s brain that he is a male, then testosterone stops his development to woman, fuses the fissure down there between the legs and testes with penis develop, while in females the fissure remains and ovaries with clitoris develop.
        Female gender is the basic one, mother is female, but god is male, why, but because men invented god, not women.
        But, god does not think so. He thinks like a Muslim. He orders genocide and infanticide and nations against nations and racism and all sorts of shit. He is vain and generally an idiot. Nobody would want such a jerk for friend.
        So, Richard just gave names with adjectives to what your god does and is.
        This is why SmartXL said what he said and I said what I said.
        Because god is not a nice guy.
        He is a badass.

  3. As I said earlier. You are allowing what you want to be to prejudice your reasoning. The Bible is full of love from God for man. God’s end game is the salvation of mankind. Obviously, there are those such as yourself, who, at least for now, are not willing to receive His love. And should this error in judgement be allowed to persist, then unfortunately those who reject His love will also be rejecting His salvation and His eternal life.
    Some are humans are sacrificed in order to save the whole. Sin is like an infectious disease. In fact it is more infectious then anything tangible that man has to deal with. And since the nations that attacked God’s people had some knowledge of what God is able to do, yet they ignored it anyway, God’s people had to protect themselves. God had to show the seriousness of what sin can do. It destroys. And it destroys completely.
    And if God were as you say, you and anyone else with the willingness to strut around as you do, would not be around anymore. God gives us chance after chance to accept Him. Look at how even when the Scribes were cajoling at Jesus while He was dying on the cross. They made fun and they tempted God to come off of the cross. But He did not stop dying. Because He loves us. So know this. God loves you and He is not the reason why you hate Him. Go back and read His letter to you. Because He is not as you believe.

    1. oh gerald come on bible is no proof for what it says, its like asking a thief if he stole. other sources don’t cover anything said in the bible. science is the source because it is not some 13 shepherds that do science, it is all the scientists of the world. they don’s support the bible. on the contrary. now i will not correct my errors above because you dont deserve any appreciation

      1. If you can’t use the Bible as proof for God, then how can you use it to disprove God?
        If you don’t have another source, you must use what is available. And that is the Bible. And the Bible is a testament made by different individuals over thousands of years. And these individuals even though they did not know one another, and did not have access to what each other wrote, all came to the same conclusions. The themes of which were written, were so similar that they were like hand and glove. A puzzle whose pieces were made by different people over thousands of years and the pieces still fit exactly together. And these individuals, all contradict what you say. They say that God is love. He is kind. He is just and true. And millions of people down through the ages have contradicted what you claim about their God.

        Now I know that your “slip of the keys” where you said that “all the scientists of the world” was not what you really meant to “key”. I’m sure that you realize that there are quite a few scientists who believe in God. You do realize this, don’t you?

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