Muslim Exorcism as Medicine

Question from Morrisozio:
Demon possession exists and it occurs. No doubt. There were and there are lots of people (personally known to me) who are ill, and blood used to come from ears and noses. Doctors were never able to cure these so called hidden diseases. They always stated they didn’t find anything. Everything seemed fine. While these poor patients keep suffering. However, when they have been religiously healed, all problems disappeared, since the demons inside were forced to leave. One of these healing was even done in hospital, without the permission of any doctors. Can you imagine that? The medical science has been challenged!!!

Some psychologists say that unknown powers exist which control human minds, which are beyond our comprehension.

In addition, Arab exorcists, since they are already rich, do healing for free. In fact exorcism is also used as something acceptable in these Muslim Sharia countries.

Could you give any reply? Please a proper reply, even short one is okay, but don’t reply with words like “coincidence”, “lucky”. How come that these type of physical and mental problems can be cured by religious healers or TRUE exorcists (not the fake ones) and not by physicians?

Thank you.

Answer by SmartLX:
I have only your word for any of this, so it’s not much to go on and it’s not very powerful as testimony given the extreme claims.

I find it hard to believe, first of all, that doctors were of the opinion that patients bleeding from the nose and ears without physical injury “seemed fine”. If a physical injury was present, on the other hand, everything might well be fine afterwards with or without an exorcism. But discussing the details is not very useful without specifics in the claim.

Generally speaking, a miraculous cure needs three things to be effective as evidence for a miracle:
1. evidence that the illness was present in the first place,
2. evidence that the illness is now gone, and
3. a consensus that no conventional medical treatment that was also given to the patient/victim could have treated the illness effectively.
In my experience, the one most often missing from these claims is #1.

I have no doubt that Islamic exorcism or ruqya is popular and encouraged in countries with self-proclaimed Sharia law, even if it performs no better than a placebo. Muslims are subject to fear campaigns trying to convince them that Western medicine aims to poison or defile them, and choosing Islamic spiritual treatments is touted as a way to demonstrate one’s faith and also support fellow Muslims financially.

4 thoughts on “Muslim Exorcism as Medicine”

  1. I am sorry, I will not read your post past your first sentence that says that there is no doubt that DEMONS EXIST. They don’t, end of story. Sorry.
    But FOOLS do. YOU ARE ONE SUCH FOOL ,who thinks that is capable of understanding anything, without proper tool..brain, and knowledge of science.

  2. I did read the rest of your idiotic post, out of curiosity, which is normal and only human and my opinion on you is even strengthened after that.
    You are not only a fool, you are a GROSS FOOL.

  3. Morrisozio,
    First of all … what we tell each other (even relatives and friends) and what the truth tends to be are usually very far apart in such cases.
    But lets assume, giving you benefit of doubt, that what you’re describing are things you have actually encountered yourself (and not just heard about) and you’ve been very thorough about collecting all sorts of evidence and are convinced that there is no trickery afoot.

    Then, one possible explanation could be the power of suggestion.
    I have interacted with a number of muslims (by virtue of having lived and worked in some of the Gulf countries), and what often surprised me was how entrenched in their religion even the moderates among them were.
    I’ve had extremely moderate colleagues (the kinds who worked in and around Canary Wharf in London before coming to the Gulf and couldn’t be bothered about how they made their money, as long as they made good money) talk about Islam and Quran with a strange gleam in their eyes, in a very dogmatic manner.

    A suggestible person, while growing up in a religion that has such strong indoctrination processes as Islam tends to have, if convinced of having “lived in sin” might develop all sorts of mental problems that become psychosomatic with age.
    As such a person is already religiously brainwashed, a cure can come from the powerful suggestive rituals that exorcisms typically are … with the power of such rituals enhanced purely due to the entrenched beliefs of almost everyone in a religion like Islam (even the moderates).
    Its not surprising. And it does not point to there being actual demons or such stuff.

    These are usually just demons of our own minds …
    And by the way, if you’ve been to the gulf (or live there) … the less said about some docs & hospitals there the better, no?

  4. Morrisozio writes: [Demon possession exists and it occurs. No doubt.]

    I doubt it. I doubt it a great deal. There is no evidence for the supernatural, including spirits and gods and demons. I’ve asked for some kind of confirmation for such things to a great many people, over many years of my life, and never received one iota of anything. So you will forgive me if I can’t just take your word for it.

    Morrisozio writes: [However, when they have been religiously healed, all problems disappeared, since the demons inside were forced to leave.]

    The problem here Morrisozio is that we just can’t take your word for this. Please understand, it’s nothing against you personally. You are making very incredible claims with no evidence to back them up.

    Where’s the list of the people that were supposedly cured, and the doctors who attest to them having a medical condition that wasn’t corrected by modern medicine? The list of supposed healers? Why don’t these healers walk into a university and offer to do their healing under strict laboratory conditions where everything can be monitored, tracked, and recorded, so they can prove their healing actually happens?

    Humans have been doing the fake healing thing for millennia, and until one of these supposed healers start doing this stuff in a testable controlled environment, there won’t be reason for anyone to think it isn’t anything more than a scam…

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