The Least Verifiable NDE Claim Yet

Question from Ned:
Does this psychic woman prove Jesus?

Answer by SmartLX:

If anything in this story were true, it would be amazing, but there’s no evidence that it is, so that doesn’t begin to approach the criteria of proof that Jesus is alive and curing people. There are no names in the story, not the author, not the doctor, and not the “psychic” woman, so there’s absolutely no way to find out whether any of it happened. Like another recent account the hospital is named – the Veteran Affairs Medical Center – but firstly this may or may not be the one in Portland, Oregon, and secondly hospitals are not forthcoming to the general public on the details of their ex-patients. Just because Forrest Gump went to the White House, which is a real building, does not mean Forrest Gump was a real person.

As it stands, there’s just nothing here.

3 thoughts on “The Least Verifiable NDE Claim Yet”

  1. Here’s a personal anecdote …

    An uncle of mine, a Math professor, when being treated for a stroke, woke up suddenly and spoke Math equations & theorems before collapsing again. He was revived later on, lived for about a year after the event and then died of another sudden stroke.
    I’m not sure if anyone had the presence of mind to record the whole incident of his first stroke. Its just my family’s testimony and I freely admit we are a slightly dodgy family.
    But still, I guess that means god is a Mathematician (?) … at-least it arouses that suspicion, no?
    Unfortunately there was no psychic around to see if he was surrounded by universe-bending equations & theorems after recovery.

    Human brains tend to conjure up their own parallel reality under severe stress.
    Even otherwise, one might argue.

    1. In my mind, not so much informed about neurology, but not quite of a lay person either, a mathematician would talk mathematics when hallucinating.

  2. NO ‘FORREST GUMP’ in REAL world. Likewise, NO ‘GOD’ in it, EITHER.

    Another point, TOM HANKS was pronounced, by someones who think they are called by somebody else to do so, as the BEST ACTOR EVER in Hollywood movies’ history. Because, I don’t think they took into their equation other films. Like the British ones. Or Italian, or any of others.

    I don’t think so. (But, I cannot say who IS.)

    ON THE POINT. SmarXL, I think that, when discrediting every and each of non scientifically proven and/or provable claims here, you should remind them, each and every one of them all, of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD and especially of the EVIDENCE bit, in detail, so they learn about just WHAT scientists have to perform and do about a claim, in order to be believed that their findings are true.

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