Sometimes a Question Reads as One Long Snarl

Question from “Progress. Forward.”:
Are you a communist? Atheism is an indirect, cowardly assault on the Constitution. Your overlords think they can eliminate God-given Rights by destroying God with a pathetic religion for low testosterone, limp wrist pussies.

Answer by SmartLX:
I’m not a communist. Communism dictates atheism because it declares religion “the opiate of the masses,” a drug to keep them from feeling the pain of their oppression and overcoming it. It’s a means to an end and theology doesn’t enter into it. (And once communism gets going, it usually functions as a pseudo-religion itself.) I’m an atheist simply because I don’t believe in gods. I run a site about it rather than keeping it to myself because I think people would be better off without their faith in gods, on balance.

I’m not an American either (I assume you are), so I have very little stake in your Constitution. I do know God is not mentioned in it, nor in the Bill of Rights – only in the Declaration of Independence. Your rights as an American citizen are not dependent on the existence of a god, even though most of the founding fathers apparently believed in one. They wrote those rights into secular law, and thus human beings endowed each other with enforceable rights regardless of what they believe.

Atheism is not a religion. It is instead a rejection of the position of belief in any god. No commandments spring from this rejection, nor an origin story for the world. Atheists must look outside of religion for their guidance and core values, and fortunately secular philosophy is a rich field.

As for the “low testosterone” part, I probably prove this in your mind just by not attacking you in kind. It seems an insult for its own sake, being entirely divorced from the subject matter. I hope it made you feel better.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes a Question Reads as One Long Snarl”

  1. Since I am, too, a very strong atheist, I will answer your questions and remarks, too.

    I am a lady of 70, a lawyer by education. I am also a very strong atheist. And, finally, I am hardly a communist. I have never been one. Instead, I am a social democrat.

    For your info, social democracy is a political system, run mostly in Scandinavia, which includes Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Holland, but, also, Canada and Australia, and, stretching the term, Britain (there is nothing great about it) and Ireland, probably Iceland, too, and in America it is promoted by senator Bernie Sanders, whereby they produce their goods and services in capitalistic manner, in private owned enterprises and state owned ones, too, but distribute the geometrically progressive profit taxes collected money in socialistic manner, for the welfare state.

    Now, I hope you know that females, too, produce testosterone, five to ten times less than males do, but still, for their and of their children defense and their own sexual urge. No sexual urge without testosterone.

    To conclude, I have come to realization, watching the anatomy of my body and feeling the functioning of my brain, that I have relatively more testosterone, nearing men with lowest amount of it, than the average female. In short, I am a tom boy that loves men, but not patriarchal ones. That is, I am a strong feminist.

    But, being a boyish woman in my body built and my brain functioning, I am still a top atheist on the block, and much further, both female and male wise.

    How about that?!

    1. There is no such thing as a very strong Atheist. Only misguided ones. But for the sake of not missing any chance of learning. Please tell me what evidence you have been exposed to, to make you a “strong” Atheist. Please show me the evidence that shows that there is no God. That shows that life could have suddenly appeared by without any the intervention of some kind of intelligence. Where are the results of experimentations, that produced life without that same intelligence that directed the experiments? And while you’re at it produce the evidence from the atheists who believe in life without God and in evolution, showing how complex organisms and complex organs could have developed when just missing any part of what make it able to be an organism, or make that organ do what it is supposed to do, would make that organism or organ incapable of being possible. Sure there are those who claim that they could have developed on their own, especially with the “blank check” of endless time to make it so. But now produce the experiments where this has all been shown to be true.

      1. Gerald – Atheism is the conclusion that one arrives at from a LACK of evidence. Atheists don’t claim there is no god creatures, they state that they don’t have convincing evidence that god creatures exist, and therefore have no reason to believe in them. You’ve once again played the fallacious “prove god does not exist” card, even though it has been explained to you many times at this website that a person cannot prove a negative.

        If you think a god exists, then convince us. You claim there is a god, so you prove it. You are the one claiming the god exists, it is on you to show that your claim is true.

        You also, once again, play the fallacious “life can’t happen without intelligent design” card, which has been pointed out to be a self-defeating argument. If that was true, your living god would need to be intelligently designed, and the life form that designed your god would have to be intelligently designed, and so forth and so on. It’s a false logic loop. Since your god did not need to be intelligently designed according to your argument, why should anyone think Earth life would HAVE TO BE? They wouldn’t, because your argument is self defeating nonsense.

        Naturally you bring evolution into a discussion where it didn’t exist previously, which you have a strong habit of doing. We’ve beat that horse to death already with you, so I’ll save my poor keyboard from being overworked once again trying to get you to visit a museum, talk to a university professor, or read a book on the topic…

  2. Using “Progress Forward’s” question (with a few words replaced) to ask a counter question …

    Are you a Neo-Nazi? Religion is an indirect, cowardly assault on Humanity. Your overlords think they can usurp the evolution-engineered sense of basic human dignity, human rights and duties by invoking God & any pathetic religion (there are so many) for high testosterone, limp brain jocks?

    All in jest … hope you don’t find it hard to ingest.
    Pipe down guy (or gal, whoever you be) … its rumored that god don’t like swearing & cussing (unless he be doing it himself) and he ain’t too hot on his anger management skills. So if I was a real believer, I wouldn’t be cussing, swearing & generally spewing testosterone fueled misplaced rage on the net.
    Mankind has invented contact sports and the home gym for that, in case you failed to notice.

    1. Religion, neo-Nazi. You need to check your history. Neo Nazi, festered and spumed due to the absence of the restraints and check and balances that true Religion brings to civilization. We have our laws due to Religion. It is only when Religion, is forgotten, or when it is watered down, by insipid naturalistic poppy cock, that causes the decline in the moral fabric of society.

  3. Tim, this statement, “Atheism is the conclusion that one arrives at from a LACK of evidence.”, backs up my point tremendously. There is no lack of evidence. There is simply a different way of viewing the evidence that is abundant all around us. You and I and all other life are bits of evidence that are being used by every higher form of life on this planet to either decide that God is the reason for this evidence or that accidental environmental factors were how life in all of its seemingly ingeniously and complex form have appeared on this planet. And when you look at the absurdness of the claims of those who would toss out the possibility, that a higher form of intelligence is the only way that life could have become, especially when those Atheists have seen that even the simplest form of the building blocks of life reproduced in a laboratory, under the supervision of those who have rudimentary form of “intelligence”, then that is more than enough reason to believe that God created all life and every thing else.

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