What About Magic?

Question from Chinx:
If there’s nothing supernatural, what’s magic and how does it break every known law?

Answer by SmartLX:
What’s magic? What magic? If there actually is some magic around that isn’t simply an illusion, that would be big points for the supernatural, but it still has to be there. So do comment and let us know what you’re referring to, would you kindly?

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  1. Comment by Niki, via the “Ask” form due to a technical issue:

    “First, congratulations to you, Smartlx, cos you put my answer in a nicer way, while mine would be: WHAT BLOODY MAGIC ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, NUT CASE?! lol”

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    1. I had no idea magic was in types,but whatever,simply,levitation.
      I mean,we all watch David Blaine right? We know how impossible what he does is,and yet he does it like it is nobody’s business. Just look up his videosflevitating cards,tattooing with only his Palm and imagination and so on. How is magic illusion?

      1. Oh, you just mean stage magic? Stage magicians, even the really famous ones like Criss Angel and especially Penn and Teller, are quite open about the fact that their feats are tricks and illusions. They still accomplish some amazing things to pull them off, like moving unseen from place to place at breakneck speed to accomplish a vanishing-reappearing act, or untying a simple knot around their wrists blind and then re-tying it, but this is simply the limit of normal human agility and dexterity. But even if they didn’t admit it was all fake, just not knowing how they do it is no reason to believe there’s no possible way they could do it without real magic.

        1. There are those things that people call magic that are pure smoke and mirrors. And though there are things that people have never been able to show how they were accomplished, they may have been parlor tricks also. But there are things that happen that defy logic. Things that when they happened the end has turned out different. Like the person who had been a drunk or a drug abuser, who suddenly becomes a Christian, after having had an encounter with Christ, similar to the one that the Bible tells of the one that Paul had in the New Testament. And there are the many miracles that have come down through the ages of those who have been healed of diseases or birth defects after having been touched by Christ. And which still go on today. My daughter is one of them, when at the age of six, she was diagnosed with a heart infection that was literally causing her heart to shut down. Right in the Children’s Hospital of Fort Worth. The Dr. Explained that they had no way to fight this viral infection and that my daughter would probably die, need a new heart or at best would need a permanent pacemaker placed for ever. Well, we called the friends and family to come and visit and we called the Pastors of our church. Prayers went up from believers and church family around the world and our daughter was anointed and prayed over twice. By the end of that day, well Think I got ahead of myself. So, let me explain what had been happening. She had been out playing on the monkey bars at her school and suddenly fell off. The teachers though that she had simply fell of and that she had bumped her head and that she had been knocked unconscious. But later she began to pass out more and more often. By the time she had arrived at the hospital, she was unconscious more that awake. Now, back to the miracle. After the Dr. explained that the heart had been swelling up and that blood was not properly circulating, we had sent out requests for prayers and by the end of the following day the Dr. came to us and after doing the things that they could do, he said that there was not anything else they could do. But after she had been anointed and prayed over. the following day, the Dr. came and said that he didn’t know how or why, but somehow our daughter was improving. He said it was a miracle. Because here heart had become so bad that had started to shut down. We left the hospital in a few more days with an instrument to attach to our daughters chest and place over a telephone to send heart rhythms to an awaiting attendee who would be able to recognize any abnormal rhythms and would let us know if anything was wrong. But after a year went by and we took our daughter back to the Dr. for a checkup we were told by him that he couldn’t believe it. There appeared to have been nothing wrong with her heart. It was as strong and healthy as ever. With no apparent worse for the wear. Things like this are overshadowed by the parlor tricks that cause the true miracles to become less that what they are, God telling us that what goes on in this world does not go unnoticed. He is watching and when He deems necessary He will intervene to cause us to ask ourselves, why isn’t the end always the same. What happened that made the difference in the outcome that has always ended in tragedy. There are many such miracles that believers have given witness to over and over through the years. Some big and amazing and some not so. But, question is why the difference, if this world is the cause of some freak, yet amazing in itself, accident. Could this unexplainable bumps in the road be the interventions of God Himself, giving us the “aha” moments we need to recognize that He is there.
          And just to make you aware and caution you. If God is there then evil is also. There are many unexplained phenomenas that people pass off as sicknesses that defy logic also. Satan doesn’t want us to know he is real. Why, because he knows that if we know he is real, than we might realize that God is real also. So, he works in the shadows, causing disasters and wars, working through nature of which (at least for now) he is king. Controlling circumstances and individuals making decisions that will gain for him the desired affect, which is to cause our misery, and blame it on God. To cause us to doubt as to whether or not He exists, or at least that He cares.
          Why all the subterfuge, you ask. Why, because, Satan made accusations against God. That He was Himself vengeful and prideful. That He didn’t deserve our love or respect. Thus the Cross. The time when God showed the world and all the His universe that He would go to any length to love. To serve. Even to the point of allowing Himself to be humiliated and tortured. Even to the point of serving Himself up. In our behalf. Dying that we may live.
          And that is why the bumps. He wants us that notice the unnatural events in our lives, the times that don’t make sense, and He want us to ask why. So that He can let us know that He lives and that He loves us.
          Why, doesn’t He just pop in like Uncle Arthur, in Bewitched? Well, if there is a cosmic conflict, and your opponent has levied lies against you, lies that you say are not true. How best would you prove it. Just denying it would allow those accusations to remain unchecked in the minds of every living being in your domain. You could rub out the accuser, but that would only cause raise the question in the minds of all, was the accuser right, and he paid with his life for letting the cat out of the bag. But this is not God’s way. He serves out of love and that is the best for His Creation also. To serve out of love. Not out of fear. He want s to prove that He is not what others are saying He is. Why should it matter. He is God and can do what ever He wants you say. But He is love the Bible says. And just like many of us, maybe not all of us, but many of us do not want to be loved or served out of fear, He even less. But He also does not want to force anyone to serve or love Him. So since Satan could not possibly in any way win a popularity contest against God, They both work through other means to reveal themselves and thus their purpose for us. God does not use force. He uses truth. He uses love, He teaches that sacrifice is the greatest way to demonstrate love. So He loves us with the Cross. Please to the song by Larnell Harris, ” He Loves me with the Cross” on youtube. It is beautiful.

      2. Chinx – If you believe that humans really can break the laws of the universe, a.k.a. magic, then aren’t we gods ourselves? We would be “supernatural” if we could do such things (instead of fooling people into thinking we can do such things).

        Why doesn’t a magician regrow the leg of an Iraqi War veteran then? I’d like to see that magic…

        1. If you recognize that order has come from chaos, by that I mean that something that has been spawned from nothing, but yet everything now has order and laws that can not be denied. Than you can not believe that we are from nothing. God created us and set the laws to govern His universe.

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