The History Of The Theories Of The Origin Of Everything

Question from Niki:
Hello Smarty.
The origin of matter? (history of understanding and the latest version)?

Answer by SmartLX:
I found a complete rundown of cosmological models and theories throughout history at the site Physics of the Universe, including religious outlooks and otherwise, so take a look over there.

The overall current scientific view, in a nutshell, is a combination of the last three on the page. There was a Big Bang or comparable event which resulted in all the matter and energy in the universe expanding outward from a tiny point. The matter could have spontaneously emerged from the quantum foam, or come from elsewhere in a larger multiverse, or been recycled from an earlier form of this universe in an endless cycle. Or it could have been created by a god or something. While currently impossible to eliminate, this last possibility is not justifiable as the default position, but that’s how many see it.

3 thoughts on “The History Of The Theories Of The Origin Of Everything”

  1. I think Niki should have looked for a website titled “Ask the physicist” instead. What does this question have to do with atheism?

    But methinks if Niki really wanted an answer to this question, she would have typed in to Google herself and did her own research…

    1. Now now Tim, Niki may simply have wanted to make sure to get an atheist’s perspective on the question. Some people emerging from a tightly knit community of faith may be new at asking anything of the non-devout, for example.

      1. Point taken LX. The start of her question (calling you Smarty) seemed rather condescending to me, and I questioned her motives. That was unfair of me, Niki, and I apologize for that.

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