Question from Robert:
Why don’t atheists believe in God if atheists admit that there is no proof that He doesn’t exist? (see What is an atheist?) That’s like asking why adults don’t believe in the tooth fairy simply because there is no proof that she doesn’t exist. But more to the point, compelling evidence for the existence of God is sorely lacking.


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Fast Facts

2. The adult body is made up of: 100 trillion cells, 206 bones,
600 muscles, and 22 internal organs.

3. There are many systems in the human body:
Circulatory System (heart, blood, vessels)
Respiratory System (nose, trachea, lungs)
Immune System (many types of protein, cells, organs, tissues)
Skeletal System (bones)
Excretory System (lungs, large intestine, kidneys)
Urinary System (bladder, kidneys)
Muscular System (muscles)
Endocrine System (glands)
Digestive System (mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines)
Nervous System (brain, spinal cord, nerves)
Reproductive System (male and female reproductive organs)
4. Every square inch of the human body has about 19 million skin cells.
5. Every hour about 1 billion cells in the human body must be replaced.
7. The circulatory system of arteries, veins, and capillaries is about 60,000 miles long.


How could evolution, even over millions of years form into such amazing complexity~! How can you explain billions of cells changing into and then organizing themselves into something so amazingly complex as the human body? How did cells which have no brain, change into heart cells, lung cells, esophagus cells, blood vessel cells, kidney cells, liver cells, ligament cells, tendon cells, pancreatic cells, super complex eyeball cells, optic nerve cells, hair cells, eyelash cells, eyelid cells, nose cells, jawbone cells, teeth cells, gum cells, lip cells, muscle cells, bone cells, red blood cells, white blood cells, and super, super, super, super, super, complex brain cells — ALL ONE HUNDRED BILLION OF THEM ~!~!~!
One person likened it to putting all the parts of a watch together, then shaking all the parts together for a million years, and then voila ….. you have watch ~!
And then here is this. It takes a male and female to be able to create a new life. A male and female COULD NOT EVOLVE AT THE SAME TIME~!~!~!~!

You try to explain this by saying that male and female creatures were once hermaphroditic. THAT IS INSANE~!! Why then are the vast majority of animals today, male and female, and not hermaphroditic? — But even then, how could one animal develop male and female organs —- AT THE SAME TIME ~!~?


Answer by SmartLX (and by the way, the question arrived with #1 and #6 already missing):
I don’t know what things are like in your neck of the woods, but in most places adults don’t believe in the tooth fairy despite the lack of disproof, and no one disputes that this lack of belief is justified.

Explaining the theory of evolution as it applies specifically to each of these parts of the human body would take up far too much space, and you can get much more information simply by Googling “evolution of ” followed by the name of the body part. To address it very briefly, any positive change to a simpler organism was reinforced because more individuals survived and procreated to pass on the gene responsible, and most of the time that meant making the organism more complex. This process went on for an unimaginably long time, and has been extremely productive as we can see.

The watch analogy betrays a core misunderstanding of the theory of evolution, which is the assumption that the process is entirely random. It is anything but random, because the path of evolution is determined by which creatures survive and which don’t. There are random elements, from mutations to natural disasters to plain old bad luck, but those with better genes are far more likely to survive these uncontrolled events. Would you say that because some elements of a tennis match are random, like the wind and small imperfections in the playing surface, it’s entirely up to chance whether Andre Agassi would beat Peter Dinklage in a friendly set? Of course not. Some differences really do make a difference to the result.

Before gender distinction and sexual reproduction developed, individual organisms were not hermaphroditic. They were asexual, and reproduced through either cell division or forms of cloning. They didn’t have two sets of sexual organs, they had none. Gender developed as a reliable way for two individuals to exchange genetic information and thus allow for recombination of DNA, speeding up the process of evolution by creating more variables.

There are lots of fascinating details like the above to study, but ultimately your argument is a textbook argument from ignorance. You dismiss evolution as a valid explanation for the complexity of life, then immediately assert that God had to have been responsible. If evolution is false, there needs to be positive evidence that your alternative explanation is true or else it could just as easily be some unknown third option. God seems like the obvious explanation to you because you’ve already accepted that there is one, but why would a non-believer discard an explanation with a mountain of evidence behind it in favour of a supernatural explanation with no available substantive evidence at all?

6 thoughts on ““HERE IS THE EVIDENCE ~!””

  1. Seeing people doubt evolution is so exasperating! It’s not a theory anymore … its more or less fact (supported by 150 years more or less of evidence gathering).

    Let’s understand the magnitude of the time-frame evolution talks about. Start counting … count to a million first. It will easily take you more than 3 days to do so (assuming you can count to a hundred every 30 seconds). Now count to a hundred million, then to a billion, then to around 3.8 billion.
    It will take you quite some time to do so (around 35 years, if you count non-stop).

    That’s just to give you some idea of the magnitude of years involved when we say that life originated 3.8 billion years ago. Its not a small figure. In those 3.8 billion circles around the sun, evolutionary processes have had ample time to produce the marvels you mention.
    No need for a 7 day (minus one) creator or any other magical thinking.

    Being awestruck is ok … being dumbstruck probably means we need an education (in whatever it is that’s left us dumbstruck).

  2. You criticized this person for discounting the entire evolution process but isn’t that what you are doing? While the theory you are holding too also has holes and like you said maybe there maybe an unknown third option. Unless you are saying evolution is a true fact and all your arguments cannot be contradicted also.

    1. The difference, th, is the aforementioned mountain of evidence supporting the explanation offered by the theory of evolution. This is what favours it over not only the concept of divine creation but any hypothetical third option which might come along.

      As for supposed holes in the theory of evolution, why don’t you search the site for keywords relating to each of the ones you’re thinking of, and then start a new Ask to bring up any that we’ve missed?

  3. SmartLX. No, I’m afraid your ignorance is coming through. Or at least your lack of willingness to believe what your eyes are seeing. The eye, has not equal to it’s multitude of functions. It’s ability to perceive, depth, amount of colors, the way it can heal, and protect itself, not to mention the way that it has been integrated into whichever organism that you would to mention. Our heart, man. Works, under extreme conditions, for an amazingly number of years, with no cessation for repair, or refit. Our skin. Nothing like it. Porous, yet, keeps in what needs to be kept. And keeps out what needs to be kept out. The sensory network, is beyond the capability of anything man has yet to make, including out internet. And that is just talking about the human being. Go ahead, gather all the possible chemicals, around. Go ahead, try to include just the ones needed to get the beginnings of life, and keep out the ones that would prevent that life from being formed. Now, what about the spark, watch, out not to much, not to little, this is what I call the Goldylocks theory. So eveything needs to be just right just to get it going, not mentioning getting and keeping everything just right to nurture, those building blocks. Maintaining the right incubating, temps. some kind of shielding to block out the bad stuff, like radiations, heat, adverse effects of gravity, and for sure, once that stuff is in the oven, we can’t have any undue tremors or explosions. Come, atheists, someone admit that God has to be only explanation.

    1. The ability to perceive colour and depth is not a function of the eye but of the brain. The eyes just have to provide it with two clear images. Eyes are singularly poor at healing themselves compared to other parts of the body, which is why the blind stay blind and is exactly why the multiple layers of protection (membrane, tears, eyelid, eyelashes, eyebrows, flinch reflex) have evolved. Anything which can stop a creature from being blinded has a definite evolutionary advantage.

      Likewise, any feature which makes a heart less likely to stop beating will literally save lives as soon as it exists, and nearly all animals have hearts so natural selection is going to be terribly aggressive and direct in this area. Speaking more generally, if you can see why it helps you can see why it evolved.

      I’ve addressed the Goldilocks idea as it pertains to the planet in the other thread, but I’ve been writing about the origin of life for years. In a nutshell: yes, it’s amazing and unlikely, but it can afford to be when it only had to happen once. If you want to pursue this topic perhaps find one of my earlier pieces focused on it.

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