Am I an atheist even though I believe in the paranormal?

Keith asks an interesting question…

Message: I don’t believe god exists. Why should i? What i know of religion is unbelievably contradictive and I’ve studied them all. I believe we all have a personal heaven as well as a hell. Depending on our choices in life. I believe in angels because I’ve heard ones voice. I believe in demons because I’ve come face to face with several. Not including my own.and i have never met a truly religious person who has been able to hold on to a shred of sanity. And to me the biggest BS about religion is people like
rapists can still go to Heaven if they sit in a box and say their sorry. I consider myself an Atheist but Im curious to know if I’ve labeled my self right?

Hi Keith. Great question.

In short, yes, you are an atheist. For a clearer understanding of what an atheist is, you can check out my video here. An atheist is just someone who has no active belief in a god or gods. That’s it. Nothing more than that.

As for your experience with angels and demons, the mind is a powerful thing. As I stated in my last post here the mind is always trying to justify itself. When I was a mormon I had experiences akin to the ones you’ve stated above and eventually came to understand that it was more likely that it was my mind creating these events then it was any type of paranormal event.

I hope that helps. If you have further questions on this subject please feel free to reply in the comment section below.

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