I, Ape

Question from Philip:
Is it right to call those who believe they are evolved from apes as Monkey/ape Richard Dawkins or Monkey/ape Christopher Hitchens?

Answer by SmartLX:
Calling them apes is technically correct, as not only are we evolved from apes but we are apes (not monkeys, though – they’re only related to us). I don’t know about “right”; you don’t normally refer to people as Human Joe Smith, or Human Carly Jensen. There’s no reason to add the species to people’s names unless we’re all different species.

Of course, we’re all the same type of creature, whatever it is. If you call those who accept evolutionary theory apes you’re calling yourself one as well. If you believe that you’re of a special race deliberately created in its present form by God then so are they, no matter what they think. So if you think calling “evolutionists” apes is deservedly derogatory, don’t bother because it reflects directly on you.

If on the other hand you think that “evolutionists” really are a different species, and something less than human, you need to back that up with some evidence.

2 thoughts on “I, Ape”

  1. Its amusing … as far back as June 1860, in a debate on evolution, Thomas Huxley was asked if he was descended from the ape on his mother’s side or his father’s.

    Accounts vary, but he is supposed to have given a brilliant defence of evolution and then ended with “I would rather be the offspring of two apes than be a man and afraid to face the truth.”

    I think ape Hitchens and ape Dawkins will give you the same answer Philip. And so would most other atheist apes.

    But its tragic that more than 150 years since 1860, there are still some people stuck on doubting evolution!
    We have the technology for making the i-pad, sending rovers to Mars etc, but human intellect and ability to face the facts remains as feeble as in 1860!

  2. Philip, a very interesting thing for you to look into might be the definition of a scientific theory. People who are overly skeptical evolution use the word “theory” as the basis for their skepticism. You are thinking of the colloquial usage of the word theory. Learn the definition of a scientific theory, which is what evolution is, and you will discover that something you accept very well is also a theory. Gravity (theory of general relativity).

    My guess is that you are confusing the word theory with hypothesis or guess. Just remember that even though evolution is a theory. Theism isn’t even at the level of theory yet, it’s just a hypothesis. A guess that is unsupported by tests or evidence. And no, the bible isn’t evidence for a god any more than Harry Potter is evidence that there are wizards.

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