Nature’s Law

Question from Jason:
I am an atheist. I have a question and I want your help to figure it out.

Why is Nature’s Law unchangeable?

Answer by SmartLX:
The question could mean one of a few different things, but in any case we don’t know.

If you mean that the laws of physics and the fundamental constants of the universe can’t be changed, this is hardly surprising. We observe the same physical forces having the same kinds of effects wherever we look in the universe, so they really do appear to be universal and fundamental. We’ve got no way to even try to change any of them even if we wanted to, and we wouldn’t want to because it would probably kill us all in very interesting ways.

If you mean the idea handed down from Aristotle that human nature, and morality in particular, is essentially unchangeable and comes from within all of us, this is only partly right but the part that’s right is easily explained. We all share certain hereditary instincts, and most of us have been brought up in cultures and communities which are very similar in certain respects, so it’s very likely that we’ll develop some shared sense of ethics. In some cases, however, we differ wildly in a way no common bestower of morals would have intended. See the wide range of opinions on abortion, euthanasia and welfare for example.

If you mean that the song Nature’s Law by English band Embrace is unchangeable, get over it. They’ve recorded it already and they’re unlikely to rework it anytime soon.

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