Multiple questions, as if by telegram

Questions from Naki: What are they seeking for? Is there anything in the world that GOD didn’t mention in the bible? Yes? What is it? Is atheist right? how? Answer by SmartLX: Atheists are a diverse bunch, seeking many different objectives. There are a few objectives shared by large numbers or even the majority of … Continue reading “Multiple questions, as if by telegram”

The Best Defence Is To Take Offence

Question from Rieno: Many Christians express views about many aspects of life. In addition, they also express their honest beliefs in their deity and even preach it. Atheists also express their views on many aspects of life (morality, politics, science, faith, etc.) Why is it that when Christians express themselves, it is deemed acceptable, but … Continue reading “The Best Defence Is To Take Offence”

Christian Crimes

Question from Willard: I grew up in Iowa until a freshman in high school when we moved to Fayette, 1956 where the school was integrated. In 1955 there were no separate water fountains or restroons marked white and colored, but everything else was Jim Crowed where blacks were not allowed to use the big … Continue reading “Christian Crimes”

So how do you differentiate between right and wrong?

Question from Meg:…well, see title. That was the whole question. Answer by SmartLX: In much the same way as you do from day to day, Meg. I have various ways of identifying events or actions which match my broad, generally unspoken definitions of “right” and “wrong”. I can use different objective criteria to analyse them … Continue reading “So how do you differentiate between right and wrong?”