The NDEs Keep Coming

Question from Halil:
Hello, I wanted to know what atheists think of this testimony, and if it scares them.

Answer by SmartLX:
Not scary if you don’t already believe. When trying to threaten kids about the boogeyman, they have to believe it exists to some extent before they buy into the fear. This does not do a good job of supporting the existence of God, Hell or an afterlife at all.

Here are some but certainly not all of the reasons why not. Folks are free to comment and chip in.

– The guy had taken a variety of hallucinogenic drugs, some of which (e.g. LSD) can have after-effects causing hallucinations years later.
– His solid Catholic upbringing had primed his brain with all the imagery he needed to subconsciously pull together an authentic Christian afterlife experience for himself.
– His cardiologist didn’t understand how he survived, but his cardiologist wasn’t there for the accident and might not have been able to understand where the electricity traveled even if he had. His survival is a mystery, not necessarily a miracle.
– His conversion came at the hands of a travelling evangelist whose day job is to give people amazing conversion experiences, and after what he’d been through he was ripe for it.
– His back pain appeared as mysteriously as it disappeared. It could have been in his head, or a temporary effect of the electric shock on his back muscles, but it’s not as if a well-known chronic condition was miraculously cured. (In a similar vein, I know of an American healer who would lay hands on people and announce that he had cured small tumours, which had never been detected beforehand and obviously didn’t show up afterwards.)
– This page asks for money at the bottom. They’ll say anything, and since the story is a personal account that no one else can contradict they’re free to say anything.

5 thoughts on “The NDEs Keep Coming”

  1. Dear smarty, is my question, that I put to you some time ago, about what to answer to the question of my little grandson, once he asks, that he surely will one day and I want to be prepared…question of why I do not go to church?

      1. Of course it’s worth answering Niki, and it’s next in the queue. The site and I have both been busy, and I’m answering the questions in the order received – except for two that were put in the wrong way, which I’m doing last. Yours is not one of those.

  2. There are a few miraculous happenings that can be contested just as SmartLX said. But there are many more that can not. There are recorded instances of people declared dead and who came back to life. Not only in Bible times. But our time. There are people who had deaseses and we’re cured. And there are people who have been shipwrecks. They made wrong decisionside and lost all hope. But once they turned their lives over to Jesus they were able to start all over again. All of this has happened more than once. Hard core murderers, alcoholics, drug addicts, and others from one spectrum to the other, have testimonies that place Jesus as the reason for their transformation. So we can’t just rule out Donald Trump’s claim of conversion. But,(and here is where time does play a part my Evolutionist friend), time will tell. But here we have actual testimonies of people, who testify that Christ has either brought them back to life physically, emotionly and or spiritually. Quite frankly there are more than a few. More than half a dozen. More than hundreds. Yet does this change the mind of some who discount these testimonies as circumstancial. But who fight to believe the words of a few that evolution is true, even though no evidence has been produced. Even though all they have is taking a fossil here and a fossil there and then want to surmise how that fossil got to be there and how it resembles, looks like it could have come from what was once something else. Or they look at some strands of this or that, belonging from this or that and declare that this use to be that but now it’s this. All of which is mere speculation. No proof. But they can brush off whole testimonies of live witnesses who swear, even though they are about to die, that Jesus is their God. Beats me. I can’t understand it. But then again Jesus is my God also. I’ve had my own miraculous moments. Moments of unexplained healing. Moments of even more unexplainable forgiveness. And yes He is there waiting to do the same thing for anyone who would but answer that longing that they feel in their heart. That is him knocking. Knocking at the door of your heart. Just as many other “used to be” Atheists or Evolutionists, who once they finally answered the door of their hearts and allowed Him to behave first place in their hearts and minds, have found a peace that unlike anything that this world can provide. So can you.

  3. Halil – Do Hindu NDEs scare Christians? No. Why? Because they don’t accept or believe the Hindu faith and see it as just a story. That’s how I view any NDE tale that involves supernatural parts. Whether this guy thinks he really saw this stuff or is lying so that people will give him money, at the end of the day his claims cannot be verified. Would you donate money to someone who says they were kidnapped by aliens? Then why donate money to someone who says they were kidnapped by supernatural critters…

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