Good Reasons To Believe

Question from Adam: What is the best (in your opinion) argument that you have ever heard or had thrown at you about the credibility/correctness of the Bible? Obviously the Bible is full of crap, but, I’m trying to understand why a person would ever believe in it (logically). Not just from indoctrination, or blind faith, … Continue reading “Good Reasons To Believe”

The Very Obvious Decline of Religion

Question from Adam: Hi again, What is up man? I am writing today to bring up something that I am very interested in. I know you are not in the U.S….but I am so I will be talking from that perspective. I have this theory that with the global phenomena of the internet, religion will … Continue reading “The Very Obvious Decline of Religion”

Afraid and lonely? It happens.

Question from Josh: I am a somewhat new atheist. I recently finished leaving the fold and feel that I am now very much deconverted in this long drawn out process. However, no matter how many books I read about how hell was invented later I still have a small fear of it in the back … Continue reading “Afraid and lonely? It happens.”

The Koran: For or Against Science?

Question from Sabri: I just need specific Aias from the Koran against science and knowledge? Please, and if possible in Arabic, if not its ok. Thank you. Answer by SmartLX: I couldn’t pin down the word “Aias”, but I assume you’re looking for the Koranic equivalent of Biblical “verses” which speak against science. I think … Continue reading “The Koran: For or Against Science?”

Christmas for Atheists

Question from Floyd: As a devout Christian, I celebrate Christmas on a religious basis. Ever since was a child this day has filled me with joy. Do you celebrate Christmas with your children? If you do, how do you explain this holiday concept to them? Answer by SmartLX: I’m pretty sure nobody here is a … Continue reading “Christmas for Atheists”

Christian Talking Points: a laundry list

Question from Chris: I am just curious, if you dont believe in God, then what is the whole point of your life, and how did we all get here, we just suddenly appeared, I have never been brainwashed as to some people on this forum are saying, but your forum actually proves that there is … Continue reading “Christian Talking Points: a laundry list”

Religious Education

Question: Do atheists want religious education to be removed from schools, especially public and other secular schools? Answer by SmartLX: Generally not, though it depends on the type of religious education. Like it or not, participate in it or not, religion is a huge part of modern life. Kids need to learn about it so … Continue reading “Religious Education”

“I wanna be like you-woo-woo…”

Question from AJ: Dear atheists, I would like to be an atheist because it makes sense logically, but I have been raised to have blind faith in a few different belief systems — some mainstream and some non-mainstream. I have been trying to let go of my beliefs, but I find I am holding onto … Continue reading ““I wanna be like you-woo-woo…””

Dreaming of Hell

Question from Huzur: Hello. I’m a twenty five years old male. I don’t believe in god anymore. Not until 15 at least. However sometimes my mind scares me, such as going to hell for eternity. So my question is: Do other atheists also ever get any christian themed nightmares? Answer by SmartLX: I don’t, but … Continue reading “Dreaming of Hell”