From Evolution to the Empty Tomb: An Apologetic “Best-Of”

Question from Kristi: Science supports the idea that universe starts with simple organisms to more complex organisms, so how then can science explain algae forming humans? Humans have different features, fingerprints, colors, etc. so how then could a human go from an ape to a complex individual? How do scientists explain Biblical archaeological evidence such … Continue reading “From Evolution to the Empty Tomb: An Apologetic “Best-Of””

If Evolution Is True…

Question from Josh: If evolution is true,why did an EVOLUTIONIST admit that Archaeopteryx was/is a PERCHING BIRD!? Also,what about the sabretoothed herbivore,or the fact that Trilobites have such perfect vision that there was no distortion (at ALL!)? Answer by SmartLX: Archaeopteryx is indeed currently classified as a bird rather than a dinosaur. It’s still descended … Continue reading “If Evolution Is True…”

Evolution and the Holocaust

Question from James: Hey thanks for reading this. If evolution is survival of the fittest then why was Hitler considered evil? If he could overcome the Jews then Germans must be better then Jews. In fact racism shouldn’t be a bad thing if you truly believe your race is better. Also why does it matter … Continue reading “Evolution and the Holocaust”

It’s Evolution, Baby

Question from Nichole: So, I just have a couple questions for those atheists who believe in evolution or those who would call themselves Evolutionists. I’m really curious what you guys think about it. So here are my questions: 1. In your thinking, what is evolution? How would you define it? 2. What do you think … Continue reading “It’s Evolution, Baby”

Does evolution say its okay to bully?

Scott asks…. Hello, I am from Dallas and I go to a southern baptist school. Recently I had a project in my Logic and World Views class were I had to debate with another classmate on a controversial topic in today’s society, I choose the existence of god because I am an atheist and I … Continue reading “Does evolution say its okay to bully?”

Why do some believers find it so hard to accept evolution?

Ras is back with another question…. I know I came here before when I asked a question about martial arts. But I have another question that has been bothering me for some time and thought I might ask. Why is it that some people still don’t admit the fact that evolution is scientifically true? Like … Continue reading “Why do some believers find it so hard to accept evolution?”

God, morality, religion, and evolution?

Todays question comes from Rachel who says… Name: Rachel Message: Hi there, I wanna start off by saying that I don’t call myself a Christian because let’s face it, people who claim to be Christians have given Christians a bad name. So, I call myself a believer in God. I just have a couple questions … Continue reading “God, morality, religion, and evolution?”

Why Evolution?

Question from MiK’la: Why do you believe in evolution? It is completely unscientific. It cannot be observed, repeated, or tested. Can you give me some evidence for evolution that can be observed, tested, or repeated? (and please give your answer in as little words as possible.) Answer by SmartLX: As few words as possible, huh? … Continue reading “Why Evolution?”

Sex, Evolution and Everything

Questions from Tabassum: 1. Things are existing around us. Why do they exist? Someone once answered that things exist because they just have to. But why do they HAVE to? How do I answer this without metaphysical ideas? 2. Evolution. How did genders arise? People usually answer by giving some of the benefits of sexual … Continue reading “Sex, Evolution and Everything”

Why isn’t evolution completely impossible?

Question from Abdul: How can a undirected process create DNA that is way more complex than Microsoft or a quantum computer? Simplicity cannot create complexity. I don’t get Darwinian evolution, can you guys please help me out. Answer by SmartLX: Abdul, I thank you for correctly referring to evolution as an undirected process. Many who … Continue reading “Why isn’t evolution completely impossible?”