A Target of Fundamentalism

Question from Anonymous: I’m an agnostic-atheist, my mother is insanely Christian. When I came out to her, she became enraged, shunned me and damned me to hell. I told her “Well, Mom, this is your opinion and this is my opinion, I’m still going to have morality.” I was forced to go to church, I … Continue reading “A Target of Fundamentalism”

The Targets of Atheists

Question from Frank: Why do atheists always talk about how Christians are fake, but never mention Islam as a really fake religion? Answer by SmartLX: Atheists have all the same reasons to deny and oppose Islam as they do Christianity, but they will naturally challenge religion in the form in which it appears in their … Continue reading “The Targets of Atheists”

Rooting For The Ultimate Underdog

Question from Kyle: I was wondering if you agree with me that even if we knew Christianity were true, any moral person would be morally compelled to follow Lucifer not God. – God kills at least millions, Lucifer killed less than a handful of people. – 1/3 of all angels rebel with Lucifer to fight … Continue reading “Rooting For The Ultimate Underdog”

A Common Question Done Quick

Question from James: Quick question. How can you say something is bad without some sense of morals? Where did said morals come from? Answer by SmartLX: The quickest answer is that we’ve answered this a lot. This link searches the site for articles on the same subject, and finds four pages’ worth of titles. Read … Continue reading “A Common Question Done Quick”

Akita and the Incorruptibles (if that were a comic book I’d read it)

Question from Jacob: Hello. Recently I stopped believing to a small degree, probably class 4 or 5 on the Dawkins scale (ATA Note: this indicates neutrality tending towards disbelief), mainly from reading the Old Testament. None of the mainstream Christian arguments are really that great like morality and so forth. But there are 2, well … Continue reading “Akita and the Incorruptibles (if that were a comic book I’d read it)”

Crushed by Suffering

Question from Dominic: How do you deal with senseless suffering–like heartless cruelty imposed on innocent animals? There is such a thing as crush videos where women, mostly in high heels, enjoy crushing small animals on the floor in a gruesome, lengthy process to provide sexual satisfaction for the viewer. Those who produce it say it … Continue reading “Crushed by Suffering”

Some Things Never Change

Question from Caleb: In an atheistic worldview why are there laws of logic, uniformity of nature, and absolute morality? Answer by SmartLX: If you search the site for the above terms you’ll find quite a few relevant pieces already written, and some very long discussions in the comments. These subjects crop up often because many … Continue reading “Some Things Never Change”

Sometimes we’re the only atheists to ask.

Question from Cody: a) What does it mean to be human? b) What happens after death? c) Elaborate on who Jesus Christ is according to your worldview. d) How does your worldview deal with the concepts of evil and suffering in the world? These are 4 questions that have come up in my class. The … Continue reading “Sometimes we’re the only atheists to ask.”

Why do atheists care?

A few questions from Bethany, Name: Bethany Message: Hey guys, So I believe in the God of the bible. I believe the bible. I believe that God came to earth in to form of a man (Jesus). I guess my question is not about science or even God, it’s more about you (an atheist)… Why … Continue reading “Why do atheists care?”

Evolution and the Holocaust

Question from James: Hey thanks for reading this. If evolution is survival of the fittest then why was Hitler considered evil? If he could overcome the Jews then Germans must be better then Jews. In fact racism shouldn’t be a bad thing if you truly believe your race is better. Also why does it matter … Continue reading “Evolution and the Holocaust”