No Afterlife, No Purpose?

Question from Josh: Do you have a purpose in your life without there being a possible god? If so what is it and what good is it without an afterlife? Answer by SmartLX: Andrea wrote about purpose in a previous answer, but I don’t think I’ve had my chance yet. First, I’ve never said there … Continue reading “No Afterlife, No Purpose?”

What is the purpose of atheism?

Question from Jai: Given that theism has well documented goals and purported benefits. What do you see as the Purpose of opposing the premise on which these are based? This is aimed specifically at The Weak Atheist given that he allows for the possibility of in his view the lessor probable prevailing. Answer by SmartLX: … Continue reading “What is the purpose of atheism?”

Another Christian Worldview Class Begins

Questions from Juvencio: What is revealed about human purpose in Genesis 1-3? How might these questions about human nature, purpose, and flourishing be answered by those holding a pantheistic or atheistic worldview? Answer by SmartLX: These are questions from the Christian Worldview course which call for an atheist perspective, and many come here because they … Continue reading “Another Christian Worldview Class Begins”

There Will Always Be an Argument About Information

Question from Sam: Hi, so I was casually surfing the web when I came across a video in “Answers in Genesis” which was basically said it could disprove evolution in 3 minutes with two simple facts. The second fact, which they championed, made the claim that it was impossible (there are no possible means by … Continue reading “There Will Always Be an Argument About Information”

Worldview Analysis: An Analysis

Question from Jerry: I was recently debating a good friend of mine and asked him to justify Christianity or show evidence that it is the one one true religion. He claims that it is the only religion that demonstrates itself to be the best possible logical and rational choice based on worldview analysis. Worldview analysis … Continue reading “Worldview Analysis: An Analysis”

Psychology 20 Questionnaire

Question from : I’m currently taking Psychology 20 in school and would like to ask you a few questions about atheism for a project on spirituality if you have the time. The questions are: 1. How does your faith or understanding of the world shape your worldview? 2. How do you justify your actions (good … Continue reading “Psychology 20 Questionnaire”

An Early Ticket To The Afterlife

Question from Douglas: Do people who commit suicide go to heaven? Just watched the movie “The Discovery” on Netflix. Answer by SmartLX: Obviously The Discovery is a science fiction story, not a documentary, but like all good sci-fi it’s intended to provoke people to think about the real world and where we’re headed. Besides, (MILD … Continue reading “An Early Ticket To The Afterlife”

The Targets of Atheists

Question from Frank: Why do atheists always talk about how Christians are fake, but never mention Islam as a really fake religion? Answer by SmartLX: Atheists have all the same reasons to deny and oppose Islam as they do Christianity, but they will naturally challenge religion in the form in which it appears in their … Continue reading “The Targets of Atheists”

If this is the best apologetics Islam has to offer…

Question from Abu (“Muslim until death”, as he wrote in the name field): I always feel pity for the stubbornness (to believe in Allah/God/Elohim/Ubangiji) of/by Atheists. Thus I have a lot of questions to harden your brain (and if Allah wills for you goodness; you may take heed). 1) First of all: Why do you … Continue reading “If this is the best apologetics Islam has to offer…”

Breaking Down NDEs by Cause

Question from Marcus: Does this disprove the hypoxia theory for NDEs? Answer by SmartLX: A quick search on this topic makes it apparent we’ve wandered into a battlefield. The hypoxia hypothesis has been viciously attacked elsewhere as well, always with the express purpose of legitimising claims of near death experiences. The core issue is … Continue reading “Breaking Down NDEs by Cause”