No Afterlife, No Purpose?

Question from Josh: Do you have a purpose in your life without there being a possible god? If so what is it and what good is it without an afterlife? Answer by SmartLX: Andrea wrote about purpose in a previous answer, but I don’t think I’ve had my chance yet. First, I’ve never said there … Continue reading “No Afterlife, No Purpose?”

What is the purpose of atheism?

Question from Jai: Given that theism has well documented goals and purported benefits. What do you see as the Purpose of opposing the premise on which these are based? This is aimed specifically at The Weak Atheist given that he allows for the possibility of in his view the lessor probable prevailing. Answer by SmartLX: … Continue reading “What is the purpose of atheism?”

Hope Is A Plentiful Thing

Question from Jun: This may be similar to a question already asked about dealing with adversity, but I feel it is sufficiently different to stand on its own: How does an atheist overcome thoughts of despair, of giving up, even suicide, when things look hopeless? Christians turn to passages in Scripture or to prayer. I … Continue reading “Hope Is A Plentiful Thing”

Genesis, Flourishing and Other Course Questions

Question from Jordan: How might an Atheist answer these questions regarding human nature, purpose and flourishing…what does it mean for humans to flourish, how do they achieve spiritual, emotional and mental well-being? What are the consequences of the Fall of human nature (Gen 3)? What is revealed of human nature (from Gen 1-2)? Answer by … Continue reading “Genesis, Flourishing and Other Course Questions”

“There is NO WAY I could have known that.”

Question from James: I’ve been a believer since childhood but recently I’ve started to ask myself whether I truly believe in Christianity or not. I find the arguments against it very compelling, but I have seen and heard a few things that I can’t find any explanations, except the work of a God. First, I’ve … Continue reading ““There is NO WAY I could have known that.””

Nothing, Something, Everything

Question from Niki: Hi, it’s me again, with my ORIGIN OF MATTER IN EMPTY SPACE question. Or not so empty, even before the big-bang. I tried again googling the question with some other words, like what caused the big-bang, why then and not sooner or later, and how did the matter in whatever is called … Continue reading “Nothing, Something, Everything”

How The Snake Got Its Venom

Question from Robert: What would be your reasoning as to how the evolution of venomous snakes could have happened? Obviously, the first snakes did not start off with venom glands in their heads. That means that they were getting along just fine without any venom to kill their prey for hundreds of thousands or millions … Continue reading “How The Snake Got Its Venom”

Left Christianity, but Hell followed you out?

Question from Chris: I was raised Christian until I found a Jewish website that explained how the New Testament contradicts the Old. I now describe myself as agnostic, but I’m still afraid that there may be a hell. This is stopping me from living my life and while I doubt that I’ll become a Christian … Continue reading “Left Christianity, but Hell followed you out?”

On The Beginning And The End Of Life

Question from Tushar: Just yesterday I watched “Religulous” by Bill Maher who is a noted atheist. I wanted to ask him some 2 questions but it seems it’s near to impossible to reach him so asking it here supposing it’s an atheist forum. I have these two questions which if you would please read patiently … Continue reading “On The Beginning And The End Of Life”

Will we ever “win”?

Question from Jenna: I am an atheist too and I’m 11 so will atheism ever be the dominant religion? I hope so and #youdontchoosetobegay. Answer by SmartLX: Atheism isn’t a religion, first off, though there’s been some debate about that. It’s simply a position on the likelihood of gods. Different atheists take that position and … Continue reading “Will we ever “win”?”