Aug 06

The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, defeated?

Question: The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible contains a long list of supposed contradictions in the Bible, but apologetics sites such as have published articles reconciling every single one. Is there any remaining argument against the total internal consistency of the … Continue reading

Aug 22

Irreducible Complexity and Irredeemable Credulity

Question from Tomas: What is your take on Irreducible Complexity? From what I have read, it appears to be Intelligent Design in a new wrapper but it does have some new arguments to it. Also, it seems like any new … Continue reading

Jun 27

The Great Big Arguments #1b: Presuppositional, SyeTenB Style

Sample argument: The proof that God exists is that without Him you couldn’t prove anything. You must borrow from the Christian worldview, and a God who makes universal, immaterial, unchanging laws possible, in order to prove anything. By what standard … Continue reading