The Universe Itself Keeps On Expanding, And Expanding…

Question from Andreas: I know, this may have already been answered, but this piece of information so far successfully hid from my search for knowledge. This is why I’d like to ask a physicist — Lawrence Krauss — these two questions regarding space and time. Question 1: First, as I get it, since Einstein there … Continue reading “The Universe Itself Keeps On Expanding, And Expanding…”

The Universe and Everything

Question from Bryson: So based on scientific evidence the universe at one time began to exist right? Explained by What we call the big bang theory. Another law is whatever begins to exist has a cause right? As in there’s something that begins to exist, there’s a cause for it, it existing being the effect. … Continue reading “The Universe and Everything”

The Poorly-Tuned Universe?

Question from Alex: Hi, this question has the intention to find if there are direct counter-examples of the fine-tuning argument, by this I mean constants that could be adjustable without impeding the emergence of life in the universe; are there such constants? If the universe was designed by an intelligent creator, we should expect things … Continue reading “The Poorly-Tuned Universe?”

The Determination Of The Universe

Question from Alejandro: Message: I was debating (not formally) in my university about the existence of a god, and we ended up in the topic of determinism. My theist opposition argued that determinism would prove the existence of (their) god, that it would prove that, say, life was determined to exist by physics and chemistry, … Continue reading “The Determination Of The Universe”

Universe(tm) – No God Required

Question from Jhon Roy: How did the universe existed if there was/is no God to create it, do you want us Christians to believe that out of nothing, the universe began to exist??? It is indeed illogical. Steven Hawking said that because of gravity the universe can create itself, but as I told you before … Continue reading “Universe(tm) – No God Required”

Eternal inflation? No. Eternal universe? Maybe, nevertheless. And what’s it to ya?

“These three scientists in particular, by virtue of their joint paper, are name-checked more often than any others by apologists not just arguing for an absolute beginning to the universe but claiming that this has been established beyond doubt.”

Comprehending Nothing Without God

Question from Topher: First time asking here, so I have a lot of questions, and I apologize in advance… [snip – SmartLX] Thanks! Answer by SmartLX: I’ve moved your questions into my section for easy reading, without editing them. The answers will be the quick-and-dirty ones because we’ve covered them many times before. Search the … Continue reading “Comprehending Nothing Without God”

The Cosmological Axis of Evil: not nearly as awesome as it sounds

Question from James: Has there been any discussion on here about what’s known as the cosmological “Axis of Evil” which shows that earth’s ecliptic plane is aligned at the center of the universe and therefore contradicts the Copernican Principle? Isn’t this phenomenon well documented by scientific data? Answer by SmartLX: Not until now, but I … Continue reading “The Cosmological Axis of Evil: not nearly as awesome as it sounds”

A Scattershot Against Science

Question from A: “science is religion… people think gravity is proven, it has never been proven, and name the experiment that “proved” it, or at the very least, wasn’t disproven…… as nikola tesla said “science has substituted experiments for math, and it has no relation to reality”…. then u have things like cancer, that have … Continue reading “A Scattershot Against Science”